A Single Bag

DSC04671[1].JPGJuly 31, 2017
I’ll share my favorite experience of the week:
Yesterday, we were coming home from district meeting, and waiting at the train station. All the sudden this woman comes up and starts talking with us. The minute I saw her, I could see how sick and frail her body was! She was seriously the size of a toothpick! She also had a bag she carried around to feed herself and go to the bathroom. But the minute we introduced ourselves as missionaries, she opened up all these trials she has in her life. How sick she is, how lonely she is, how she can’t get married, she can’t do anything on her own, etc.. and how the only thing she has in her life is God. The spirit was super strong and we were able to share about how through our message she can be able to overcome those challenges. We invited her to learn more, and she said yes! Then on the train ride, she asked us to switch seats and we started talking again. We prayed together, and we held hands and we shared with her the whole plan of salvation! She was almost crying, it was such a special experience! We got her number and contacted her yesterday. I hope we can meet her again this week!
I feel like Heavenly Father placed her in our paths at that exact moment!  The whole time we were talking with her, I just felt His love for her so strong! All the trials, pains, heart breaks and burdens.. He knows them all! I feel like He sent her to us so we can help her.
While we were meeting her, i just couldn’t stop thinking about how much Heavenly Father loves all his children. He truly knows and loves each and every one of us!
Because he loves us, and he wants us to be happy, He sent his son, Jesus Christ. Through Jesus Christ, every thing that is unfair, everything pain, heartbreak, sickness and trial can be overcome and be healed. He loves us that much! He gave us everything, so we can receive that blessings of freedom, peace, and healing.
I am grateful for the knowledge I have of this message, and especially the opportunity to be able to share it to people whom I have grown to love so much!
I wouldn’t trade this for the world!
Sister CleggDSC04471[1]

Her district:)

DSC04502[1]July 24, 2017

I’ll give you the updates on our 윤영아 자매님!
For the whole week,  me and Sister Ju were just stuck. During weekly planning, we spent over 1 hour just talking about how we can help her, with honestly no progress. We were just frustrated. We knew her needs were to come to church, but also we didn’t feel like reteaching church attendance was right. So we decided to pray and fast about it, and try replanning another time.
Then yesterday, one of our appointments cancelled and we were stuck at the church. We decided to go upstairs to the sacrament meeting room and pray for her! After that, we sat down and did some serious companionship study! We got the white board and wrote down all her doubts, fears, concerns.. Her beliefs, her strong points, and desires… things she hasn’t been taught, things she’s been taught, how she accepted the message, how she thought about certain principles, etc. The discussion was so led by the spirit! Things we had never thought about showed up, and we were able to narrow it down to what she REALLY needs. and what it came down to was, repentance; a change of heart. A call to repentance! An invite to seek the Lord and His Kingdom first. Once we finally figured that out, the lesson plan just flowed! The spirit was so strong in our planning session! We were able to know exactly what she needed, how she needed to hear, and how to teach her the doctrine. Through seriously planning, roleplaying, re-roleplaying, feed backing, trying again, feeling the spirit and talking it out, we were able to figure it out! So grateful for how much the spirit lead us.
Cute Companion
As we were planning and talking things through, I was able to seriously study and think about repentance in my own life.  I think before my mission I just viewed repentance as  “forgiveness of sins”. But it is so much more than that! Repentance is truly a change of heart. It is recognizing Heavenly Father’s will for us, and committing ourselves to change, be better, rise above our mistakes and seek His will more in our lives every day. It is the continual process of becoming perfect, every day of our lives! When we pray, taking time to reflect on our lives, and think, “how can I seek His Kingdom more today?” or “How can I better follow His will for me today?” and then committing ourselves to rise above our imperfections and become a new person every single day! What a great blessing!
Couldn’t be possible without our Savior, Jesus Christ. I can’t describe in words how much He means to me. My heart is full of gratitude at the sacrifice He made for me, and the blessings and strength I receive on a daily basis from Him. He truly is my Savior, Redeemer, and my best friend!
Our investigator has taught me so much! I think I have learned more meeting her, than I have any other investigator! I love her so much!
I gave a talk this week again in church. Afterwards, a visitor said,  “it looked like you were just part of the ward!” teasing me because I have been here so long and it has become my home. I love it! It’s the best. This place really is my home!!
Overall, very happy
Sister Clegg
She had a fun surprise when she got home–almonds from Costco!  And Mints!

Going to church is the key!


July 18, 2018

Hi there!!

Not much time today because we just got back from an awesome, little trip with our investigator.  She drove us to my first area and we went touring! haha sooo fun! I’ll send pictures!I  feel true joy with her. She is the first person on my mission who has really become a convert. I love her so much!  She has some trials to overcome before baptism, but I have full confidence that she will overcome them all and eventually make it into the waters of baptism and eventually the temple!!
Here’s an update on her:
We taught about keeping the Sabbath Day holy Last week and invited her to keep the Sabbath Day holy by coming to church this week. (We have invited her multiple times but she has always had an excuse, so we were really determined to commit her to come this week). After we invited her, she was a little quiet for a second and then said, “Can I be honest with you guys?” and then opened to us about some problems she is having.
She has been working high up in this company for over 10 years, and apparently she is having a problem or something with another similar company. And one of the high up working people in that company just so happens to be an active member in the ward. She said ever since she has committed to be baptized, she has  been worried because she wants to come to church and she wants to get baptized, but also says that she because of the fight or quarrel going on now with their companies, going to church and seeing the member is too uncomfortable for her and she doesn’t want to mix the good feelings she feels with us and the uncomfortable feelings with the member at church.
Okay, so we have been praying and special fasting for her to be able to get a baptismal date and come to church, and we knew there was a problem.. BUT WE DIDNT KNOW IT WAS THIS!
She explained about how she really feels the Lord is directing her and telling her to join the church. She said she feels the truth, and she knows this is where she wants to go. She said, “I can promise you I will get baptized”.. but then she said that she doesn’t know when she will be able to start coming to church. AHHHH. She even asked where other churches are located and when they start. She is planning on visiting the temple this break and going to church there!
Honestly, we had no idea what to say! She wants to come to church, but also feels like it just isn’t the time right now because of the problem going on at her company. Honestly we don’t know what to do! She is really honest and upfront and willing to do anything we ask. But she also is really uncomfortable coming and seeing the member. So we don’t want to push her, but also know she can’t continue to progress unless she comes to church! We have no idea what to do, and we have been talking to our member that referred her and she also says that there isn’t anything we can besides pray and fast that her heart will change and be able to come to church. So we are fasting and praying again this week for her!
I feel true joy when I’m with her. She really is a convert! She really is someone who is a true convert. I feel it when she talks about our church. She even said today “우리 교회”  when we were talking. She is someone who will truly endure to the end. She is really is my joy. I love her so much! Of course I am bummed that I won’t be able to see her baptism, but honestly to me, this is greater joy! She is amazing.
Other than that, everything else is going well.   Honestly, I am just happy because of her. I tell my companion this all the time, but I think it’s actually a little weird because I spent almost 90% of the time just thinking about what more we can to help her. HAHA
Please keep praying for her :)))))
Thanks for the fun pics of mexico!! looks awesome!
I’ll send some pictures now
Love ya,
A fav treat!

All is well

IMG_0078July 10, 2017


I am happy
Korea is good
I am still learning Korean
My companion is sweet, nice, funny, hard working and 100% Korean
Our investigators are doing good
I love the gospel, I love the book of mormon, I love the church, and I love my savior, Jesus Christ 🙂
That is all–Out of time:)
Sister Clegg

The power of the Book!

DSC04214[1]July 3, 2017


I’m excited for the family EFC thing, tell me how it goes!!! send pictures please!
haha that stinks about the guy falling through our ceiling on the staircase but also the funniest thing ever–hahah how often does that happen?
New companion is awesome! This is her last area and so it’s kind of nice working with an older missionary. We are still learning how to teach together but we are patient and I promised Heavenly Father I would just love my companion. So yeah, so far it’s going good.
Quick thought:
I wanted to bear my testimony of the Power of the Book!
We started meeting an investigator a little over a month ago. She willingly accepted the invitation to take the lessons and start reading the Book of Mormon. The first few weeks of meeting her, we noticed a change in her when we met! She was happier, more open, and willing to listen. Her heart was changing! Last week, we asked her how reading the Book of Mormon has blessed her life. She says that she feels peace when she reads it, and it heals her heart. She talked about how she feels that it is true! She says that by reading it, she’s been able to feel that it’s a true record, and she now has no doubts about Joseph Smith being a prophet of God! She is preparing to be baptized!
In just a short amount of time, by reading the Book of Mormon, her heart changed. The Book of Mormon really has the power to change lives! One of the greatest joys of my mission so far is being able to watch it change her life. Through her example, I too have been able to strengthen my own testimony of the book! I know it’s true! I know it’s a real record of the ancient american people. I know that Joseph Smith found the record, and through the power of God, was able to translate it. I know that He truly was a prophet of God, and I know that Heavenly Father truly did restore His true church on the earth again, through that prophet.
I’m grateful for THE BOOK! with the Book of Mormon, we can gain a testimony of these things. It can truly change lives! It has changed mine, and I’m grateful to be able to help share it with others!
Mission life is good!
My week:
got a new companion
she’s great
love her
Got bit by a little creature–gosh, I think I hate animals
That’s all for this week!
sister kl3gg :)))))

Transfer time

DSC04225[1]June 26, 2017
This week was awesome. I got transfer calls, and I’m staying in my area again! hahah Super pumped. I’ll be here for almost 7 months! I’m super excited. Especially because our investigator will get baptized next transfer. AND ALSO ! This member referred to us this new investigator.  She is progressing so much! Last night she said that she believes the Book of Mormon is true and she has no doubts that the prophet Joseph is a prophet! We invited her to be baptize and she said that she still needs more time, but I really feel like she will get baptized next transfer too! It’s one of the first times on my mission where I have seen someone really FEEL the gospel and see it change her life. She is so much happier since we’ve been meeting and she notices it and really has a desire to learn more! So I’m super super excited.
I’m getting a new companion though! I’m super nervous to get a new companion cause my little trainee was sooo awesome. Seriously one of the best people I’ve served with. I’m a little nervous to get a new companion cause I feel like we were so equal in working.  We were equally yoked? If that makes sense and we have seen so much growth in our work since serving together. So i’m excited for her to get a new companion and finish training, but also scared for my new companion. She’s a Korean. haha I’ve literally only had Korean companions my whole mission. ALSO!!! The first presidency is giving permission for missionaries to go the temple with their recent converts for baptism for the dead. So if our investigators get baptized, we can go with them to the temple!! Super awesome right? Super, super cool!!
Pray for these three investigators!!!
I’m happy and learning ltos!!   (                    haha says mom as she spells lots wrong!!!)
Sorry for no big email today lols
I had some bible bashing thing week. Totally killed it. The church is really true!!
Let me know how EFC goes!!
I love you and miss you!!
sister cleggggg

Life is good

June 19, 2017
Fun story of the week:
A few days ago, we were riding the bus to an appointment. I sat next to this older woman and started talking with us. She was super sincere and sweet. I explained who I was, and what message we were sharing. She opened up about how there’s so many churches, but none of them really worship Jesus Christ; they worship their pastor and his own teachings. She talked about how it’s rare to find someone who really believes in Jesus Christ. I was listening super carefully, but the whole time just thinking, “SHE IS SO PREPARED!”. We talked about the Restoration of the Gospel and how the restoration solves all of those problems. Even though, we were in the middle of a big city, riding a noisy bus, the spirit was so strong! She gladly accepted the Book of Mormon and the invitation to read the book and pray to know if it is true. I gave her our phone number, and right before I went to ask her if we could meet again, SHE GOT OFF! I was pretty sad.
We were at an appointment yesterday and this random number calls us!! AND IT WAS THE LADY!!! She said that she had read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and wants to meet again!! We set up an appointment for this afternoon. I AM SO EXCITED! I feel like she really just wants to worship the Savior, and find the truth.  I am HAPPY WAHOO!!!  Missionary work:)
Just wanted to bear my testimony–
This week I was studying patience as my Christlike Attribute. I always like to do the quiz in PMG about Christlike Attributes. Almost all the questions under the patience section have to do with waiting for and trusting in the promised blessings of the Lord. It helped me understand more that working hard, being obedient, fervently praying, and trusting in the Lord are what QUALIFIES us for those blessings. But it is still in His time, in His plan, and in His way that we receive those blessings. Sometimes I can get frustrated and think, “But aren’t I working hard? Am I doing something wrong? Why am I not seeing any fruits of my labor?” but by having patience, trusting in the Lord, consistently working, and moving forward, our faith is strengthened in those times of hardship and if we press forward, in His time, we will be able to receive those promised blessings.
I always think of D&C 78: 17-19 :’)))
Life is good. you know, the usual.
Okay bye haha
sistaaa cleggggg