Testify = Happiness!

20171116_193350December 4, 2017


I’ll share my favorite experience of the week:
So one of the sisters in our zone had surgery a few weeks ago, so we have been going to their area a lot these past few weeks to help her recover and help in their area.  Just so happens to be my first area! SO I LOVE IT!
Anyway, this week we were able to go back again. We had finished an investigator appointment and were on our way back home. We stopped at the bus stop and started to talk to the ladies sitting there. We talked about our purpose as missionaries and explained the Book of Mormon. They both accepted copies and then I had this thought to share the light the world video with them! So we were watching the video at the bus stop, in the middle of Korea, and while we were watching the video, I was testifying of Christ and the power He has to change our lives. The spirit was strong, and they both accepted the invitation to learn more! Then the bus came and we left.
It honestly wasn’t any special meeting. Something that we do a millions of times every day. But after we rode the bus, a random thought came into my mind.
 “Wow, I really am the happiest right now!”
I realized that the times I have testified of Jesus Christ in my life, have been the times that I have been the happiest. Sharing my testimony of Christ really has become my happiest moments. Being able to share with people the message of His life, His sacrifice, His love and His atonement… It is what brings the most joy into my life. Being able to wear His testimony on my chest every day has been one of the biggest blessing of my entire life.
I know Christ Lived. I know Christ died, and I know He  was resurrected 3 days later, and He lives now. I know He loves me, and I know that because He loves me, He helps me to overcome my weakness, change, become someone new and experience true happiness. He really has become my best friend, and I really have come to know who He is on my mission. Grateful for the chance to continue to draw closer to Him through the rest of my life and grateful for the chance to experience true joy as I share my testimony with others.
Random advice:
If you are sad, just testify of Christ!
Much love,
See you all next week!

Sister Clegg

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