Love casteth out all fears!


November 27, 2017


This week was a great week!  Best experiences:

We have this new, super awesome investigator! She is seriously the sweetest. But.. Also we were kind of considering dropping her this week because every time we meet, we go to teach the gospel, and she all the sudden, “has something come up” and “has to go right away” and makes the worst excuses. So we were kind of thinking that she may not have interest anymore, and it would be good to drop her. But then she called and asked to meet, so we decided to try one last time! And of course, when we went to go teach, “something came up” and she had to leave right away. So, we were super bummed. But we asked if we could pray together before she left. As I was praying, all the sudden I just felt how much love Heavenly Father has for her. I felt just how much she was struggling, and just how much she really needed the gospel. After the prayer, she looked up at us and starting crying! She said that she felt so much comfort and was so grateful to meet with us.

After she left, my companion and I were talking. We were talking about how during the prayer, we both felt that she has so many insecurities and doubts about learning about the gospel, but she really does have interest deep down. and we were able to really feel what she needs the most.. our love!
“Love casteth out all fears!”

Through our love for others, we can help them overcome their fears and accept the gospel. Grateful for the chance to keep meeting her and showing our love for her.


SIDE NOTE TESTIMONY:Shout out to my favorite person in the whole wide world. Our recent convert! It’s been such a blessing to watch her change through the gospel of Jesus Christ. The blessings she has received by accepting the gospel have been so innumerable–from temporal, spiritual, and even physical.. she really has become a changed person through the gospel. Super grateful to be able to watch it!

I am so grateful for the chance to change and to become a new person through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We really have the chance to change every single day! We can overcome our weaknesses, turn them into strengths, and really become our greatest self.

Grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ, who really makes change possible. It’s through him and his sacrifice that we can become our best selves. I know He lives! I know he loves us. And I know he is ready and willing to reach out and lift us.


sister emmclegg

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