Nurse maid for a week!


November 20, 2017


Things have been crazy the past few days–

There is this sister in our zone and she had a cyst that ruptured on her uterus and it spread blood everywhere in her body so she had to have emergency surgery the other day and so President called us and asked us to come down and help her in the hospital with recovery; so I’ve been sitting in the hospital the past few days with her and then we have to email through the phone today, which is kind of a major pain in the rump but all is well. We just finished changing her patches and talking with the doctors. I think she will be discharged tomorrow. I have been sleeping on the ground on this little pad that is too small because Koreas are short and my feet go off the end. I haven’t showered but I think I’ll be able to shower today so that’s the miracle.

The first night I got here, we said a prayer together and when I started praying, I could just feel everything she was feeling and I could feel how hard it was for her to go through surgery without her mom and dad in a foreign country where they don’t speak English to her and on her mission and she has to just sit here and yeah, I felt like Heavenly Father really told me what to pray for and afterwards she was just bawling in my arms and crying and it was a such a special moment. I felt like Heavenly Father sent me to be an angel to help her. So it’s been good. She’s become one of my good friends the past few days. Even though I miss a shower and bed, its been a blessing to be here for her.

Because of that, not much update on our area. But I think everything is going good!

I’ll send more of an update next week. Okay, love you! And miss you so much!!!

Love you!!!

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