So Blessed . . .


November 13, 2017            (BTW—-She comes home in 31 DAYS!!!!)

This past week we had the baptism of our cute little kids. Before the baptism, we were walking to the church and I was thinking of the first time we met them. The mom has been a less active member since high school, and randomly we got a call from our mission leader about how she had moved into our ward a few weeks ago. He told us to give her a call and try to help her! So we tried to contact her multiple times, but we couldn’t get a hold of her. So we were pretty discouraged. We prayed every day for two weeks to be able to meet her family. Then one day, we didn’t have any appointments, and we decided that we just wanted to try calling her one last time! So we called her, and she invited us over the next day! We were soo excited.
In the first few minutes of meeting her, she started crying as she expressed how lately her life has been so hard and it has really humbled her. She talked about how she has really come to feel there’s nothing in her life but Heavenly Father. She said that she has had the desire to come back to church and she wants her children to get baptized and grow up in the gospel. She was so overwhelmed with gratitude and so emotional. We really felt like Heavenly Father had been calling her to come back into the church and help her family find the gospel too.
From then on, we continued to meet her and her kids! They started coming back out to church, coming to English class, and meeting with all the members. From the start, her and her kids had such a desire to accept the gospel! They kept all their commitments. They read the Book of Mormon together as a family, they prayed every day and they came to church every week. At first it was a struggle for them. She would call upset, or we would visit her and she would just cry with us. But as we continued to meet, and they continued to keep their commitments, we watched their lives change. They found more peace as a family, we watched how they started to treat their family with more respect and love, and their dad even started to support them coming to church by dropping them off and picking them up! Of course their lives still aren’t perfect, but the change is so dramatic!
By meeting the kids and helping the less active mom, I have really come to gain a testimony about how the gospel really has the power to change our lives, strengthen our families, and help us overcome challenges. This sister (the mother) is the ultimate example. She has so many struggles in her life. But her dedication and perseverance to raise her children in the gospel is so admirable. Of course she isn’t perfect, and of course she is still learning, but I don’t think she will ever give up. Her kids are so lucky to have such an amazing mother.
After the baptism, she came up to me and she just cried and hugged me. She said that she could never express how grateful she was for me to come and find her family. She said that we were literally angels sent to her from God. She said that because of us meeting, her family could one day be eternal, sealed in the temple. and that because of us meeting, her kids would go on missions, and find families like hers and help them. It was one of the most precious moments on my mission.
We were also able to see a really big miracle on Sunday. After church ended, we got a random call from a potential investigator we had met through a street meeting. She called and said that she had to visit the church and wanted to meet us. We were pretty surprised and a little shocked. But super excited to meet her! She showed up at the church, and was able to meet some members and get a tour of the building. Afterwards, we were expecting her to leave but she just kept talking to us! Then she asked to go sit down at the park with her! So we were like “haha yeah sure” so we went and started talking with her. Turns out that a few years ago, she had received the Book of Mormon and had read almost all of it! But she didn’t have time to meet the missionaries, so she lost contact with them. But then a few weeks ago, she was able to meet us again on the street and she was so excited! She talked about how right now her life is so hard. She cries all the time, has no friends, is super lonely and just wants to be happy. Sister Nam and I looked at each other and just smiled. Then we started teaching her about the gospel. I don’t think I have ever met someone so golden on my mission? We made an appointment to meet again on Friday. Super excited to start teaching her!
Our church building
After we left her, me and my companion just looked at each other.. started laughing and just hugged each other. I have never felt so blessed and happy as a missionary before. Heavenly Father is blessing us so much the past few weeks. I feel like everything I have prayed, fasted for, and begged on my knees for the past 15 is all coming out in my last transfer. I could never put into words how grateful I am for Heavenly Father and His plan for me. Sometimes I was confused, discouraged and lacked faith. But looking back, Heavenly Father was really just testing my faith the whole time. He really gave me the perfect mission. He really knows me. I know He loves me, and I know He listens to my prayers. He knows exactly what I need, and when I need it. He leads me, guides me, and directs everything so that I can learn the most, progress, and find the happiest path. So grateful for Him and the opportunity to draw closer to Him.
Sister Clegg

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