November 6, 2017

Birthday week: best week!
read for details
So, we have been planning for her baptismal date for almost 1 month now. Then, about a week and a half ago, we met her and she was super upset. She said that the next door neighbor (priest) came and talked to her about our church. He said that it was a cult and that she shouldn’t be meeting us anymore. So when we met, she was super upset and said that she didn’t feel like she was ready to get baptized. She said that she needed to know for sure that this was Heavenly Father’s chosen church. We shared with her the importance of the Book of Mormon and how that truly is the keystone of our religion. We prayed with her and invited her to pray again, to know for sure this is true. She said she didn’t want to get baptized cause she didn’t feel like she really knew this was true! So we left super discouraged and honestly heart-broken. Mainly because my companion and I thought she was so prepared and ready for baptism! So we went home, and we prayed together that she would have the desire and the motivation to read the Book of Mormon and pray about Joseph Smith on her own.
Then at church on Sunday, she came and we did a lesson afterwards with some members. She explained about how she just didn’t really have any interest in baptism anymore and she just wanted to wait a few YEARS before she got baptized. So we had to cancel the baptism for November 5th. OKAY HONESTLY I was so sad. I really almost cried in the lesson! So we went home and we decided to fast for her and pray that she would have the desire to read the Book of Mormon and get baptized! We honestly were just lost and so confused. We felt like we had nothing else we could do. That night, when I was praying, the only thing I kept feeling was “there’s nothing left but faith and prayer”. Everything was just left in Heavenly Father’s hands. I felt like we had done absolutely everyting we knew to do to help her. Like it was the end! The only thing we could for her was just pray and have faith.
Then we met her again on Wednesday. We were talking about the Book of Mormon, and she said the coolest thing! She said that for the first time ever, this week she has had the desire to read the Book of Mormon! I was seriously so humbled and so shocked. It was so cool to see first hand how Heavenly Father really does soften and prepare His children’s hearts to hear and accept the gospel. We were so humbled and grateful! She also explained how she has been super close with her brother, but the past few months, he’s been so busy….so  she hasn’t been able to see him a lot! But out of no where, he randomly showed up at her house on Tuesday night. She said that she was nervous that her family would be against her getting baptized, so she asked her brother. and.. to her surprise.. her brother was excited for her! He told her that all the Mormons he had ever met, were so sincere and kind and that she should get baptized and attend our church! When she said that, I was seriously so shocked! What are the odds that her brother randomly shows up at her house and tells her to get baptized? She said when she heard that, all her fears were melted away and she felt so much better about getting baptized. so we were super excited! And we invited her to do the baptismal interview this week (November 5th) and to pray about it again until we met again on Saturday night.
So on Saturday night we met, and we read the Book of Mormon together. But the previous week, we had decided to postpone the baptism service, so we decided to just go and read the Book of Mormon with her. So we just met quickly and read the Book of Mormon and had some awesome discussions about how the Book of Mormon is truly true!
Then, we get up on Sunday, just like any other Sunday, and went off to church. We weren’t expecting her to get baptized on Sunday because the previous week, we had decided to postpone with her it until she felt ready. BUT THEN she walked into church, and she’s dressed so cute and has done her hair and make up and says, “Today is my baptism!”   ????!!!! WHAT??? HOW DOES A MISSIONARY NOT KNOW THAT THEIR INVESTIGAOTR IS GETTING BAPTIZED??? We were soo shocked and like “what???” and she said that when she woke up that morning, she decided that she couldn’t postpone it anymore, and today was the day that she needed to get baptized. (also we have the same birthday and it was our birthdays) and she said that she wanted to get baptized on her birthday,  and so, “today was her day!”
Me and companion literally freaked out!! Because she hadn’t done the baptismal interview, and we hadn’t made any plans for the baptismal service, but she was totally set on getting baptized that day?? LIKE WHAT? I was so overwhelmed with emotions, I seriously almost cried hugging! Seriously every experience I have had with her, has proven how much Heavenly Father loves all His children, how much He is preparing them to accept the gospel, and how much He really does hear and answer our prayers.
SO after sacrament meeting, we reviewed the baptismal questions with her again. We prayed together to know that if she was really prepared. She really felt like she was ready, so we went ahead and did the interview. (she loves to talk, so it lasted like one hour seriously) And then when she came out, the spirit in the room was so strong! We all felt like it was really her day to get baptized! We filled the water, quickly arranged prayers, hymns, special musical number, asked members to prepare talks, and she ran home and got her white underclothing and came back just in time!
The service was seriously so beautiful. Everything turned out perfectly, even though it was planned in less than 20 minutes. Every experience we had that day really showed and bore testimony about how it was really her day to get baptized!
During the baptism, one of the members she is really close with, got up and bore her testimony. She talked about how the last time she was in the temple, she could imagined our investigator in the celestial room with her. She talked about how she has always prayed for the day that she is baptized, and now she is praying for the day to enter the temple with her for the first time! Our investigator was so emotional too! Now she is so excited to enter the temple for the first time!
I think the part that I’ll remember forever, is right after she was baptized. She came up out of the water, and walked up the stairs to me and Sister Lam. She hugged us so tight and said, “thank you so much for finding me” and she was crying so hard. In that moment, I got a glimpse of the eternitities. How we really were friends before this life, meant to meet at this time, and how we were really will be able to live together in the eternities together. She will always have a special place in my heart.
So grateful and humbled to be able to be part of her conversion story. She really is so special! The most sudden, spiritual baptism that has probably ever happened! But really super special.
Also what better birthday present could anyone ask for???
Also shout out to my best friend, Taylor Lewis, who leaves on her mission in two days.
Also shout out to my mother and father for sending me awesome birthday stuff!
Also after her baptism, we had a birthday party at her house  and ate Baskin Robbins ice cream and took lots of pictures!
Stay tuned–
pictures are coming
love you mom and dad
Sister Clegg

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