No time to breath!

DSC05597[1]October 30, 2017

Hi mom! We got phones this week! Super crazy!! I read all your emails via a smart phone!! haha So crazy, right?

This week was super cool cause we got smartphones but also the most stressful and busy week of my entire life–seriously, had no time to breath or even be myself.  We got calls from president because some of the sisters in our zones got into an argument and we had to go on emergency splits with them, which totally cramped all of our schedules for the whole week. We had to cancel so much stuff and it was a super big bummer cause we didn’t have time to really focus on our investigators. Especially because our investigator was supposed to have her baptismal interview this week, and then she ended up just not being quite ready.  So I think we are going to push it back another 2 weeks. But last night I was so scared she wouldn’t get baptized!  I had a dream and then I woke up in the middle of the night and just prayed for her for like 10 minutes! hahaha I just love her so much!!!! A stupid pastor ran into her and told her to stop meeting us because “we are a cult” and it scared her a lot. But also–right before big miracles happen, there’s always lots of set backs! So we will see! We are really praying for her.
She wants to hear other’s testimonies of the Book of Mormon, so she can find her own.  So that’s why I asked you guys to send it! We meet her in two days, so I can access your emails then and show her. Smart phones are really good for the work!  I’m excited to see how they help us!
We’ve been focusing on the scriptures with her and how they help our testimonies.. Honestly, I feel like the scriptures are the basic unit of our testimonies! Something I’ve really learned while meeting with her this month. Please pray for her! We are still getting our little kids ready for their baptism on the 11th too! They are doing awesome!!!
Okay love you!! miss you lots!! Have fun on Halloween!  I’m sure it will be a hit… even if it takes a few years to grow!!!
Love you lots mom!!!
Sister Clegg

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