Testifies of Christ

DSC05758[1].JPGOctober 23, 2017

Good week this week.
We have been working a lot with our sweet investigator. She’s still coming to church every week! This last week, when we met her, she talked about how she wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ and His Atonement. She said she really wanted to experience the atonement in her own life. She said that she still doesn’t feel in her heart that Jesus Christ is her Savior. She understands the Atonement in her mind, but it doesn’t hit her “heart” all the way. So we have been thinking and praying to know how to help her. This week, during weekly planning we were talking about how we have been able to feel the power of the Atonement in our own lives.. and it actually made me think a lot! How was I was able to come to know that the Jesus Christ is my Savior? How was I really able to experience the atonement in my own life? We both kind of came to the conclusion that it came by acting on our faith. We had the hope, the desire and the believe that through Jesus Christ, we can be forgiven. So it honestly starts with our faith in Him.
So we thought, how can we help her really grow her faith in the Savior? She’s coming to church and she’s praying every day.. but she isn’t reading the Book of Mormon every day. And we got thinking about the purpose of reading the Book of Mormon and other scriptures. Honestly, the whole reason as to why we read any scripture is to learn of Jesus Christ and His Atonement. If we want to know Him, if we want to draw closer to Him, and if we really want to experience and feel the power of His Atonement in our lives, the best way to learn is by reading the scriptures! The entire purpose of the scriptures is to convince us that Jesus is The Christ! That is the best way to grow faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ.
A few weeks ago, I started something new in my personal study. I got a brand new copy of the Book of Mormon, and I started reading it from the beginning. Every time a reference of Christ, or His name, or something about Him is mentioned, I highlight it. After studying, I go back and look at what I’ve read. I’m seriously always so shocked at how much  I learn! It’s really pointed out the fact that the scriptures’s main purpose is to preach of Christ, and help us to come to know Him better.  Super grateful for the scriptures and how they have blessed my life.  I can really testify and promise that through the Book of Mormon, we can come closer to Christ and really come to know Him.
I really know Him! He lives, He loves each of us. He has sacrificed it all for us. Grateful for the chance to get closer to Him, and come to know Him a little more every day.
Also grateful for the chance to share this with our lovely friend this week!
Overall really happy.
Also all the missionaries in our zone performed at this big stake party. I looked so gross with all the makeup, but it was so much fun.
Also my companion was super sick, so I gave her some NyQuil. hahahah ended up being a bad idea. She didn’t wake up until like 10 the next day… but good news!!! SHE’S FEELING BETTER! Go NyQuil!
Lots of love!
Sister Clegg
PS:  We did a little family history presentation for stake conference:)

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