Recognize His Hand

DSC05513[1]October 9, 2017


Things learned this week: (or should I say re-learned..?)
It’s all part of Heavenly Father’s plan!
We were out in the street on our way to an appointment, when we saw this girl running behind us. She was trying to make the green light when crossing street. After she caught up, we started talking to her. She asked if we were mormon missionaries! We said, “Well yes, actually we are!” We started talking and she said that she had actually gotten baptized into our church when she in high school!! (She is probably in her 50’s now?) And how she had attended our church for a while, but moved away.  When she moved and got married, she found another church close by and hasn’t gone to our church since! We were SO SHOCKED! Did we just find an old less active walking on the street? She said that she still believed the Book of Mormon was true, and she believed that our church was a good church, but didn’t know if she was ready to come back. We bore testimony and exchanged numbers. Then 30 minutes later, she called back asking to meet again!
We were so shocked.. like she called us first?
We set an appointment for this next week. Super humbled to be working with her.
If we take time to recognize Heavenly Father’s hand in our lives every day, we will be overwhelmed at how many blessings he is pouring out on us. He is aware of us, He knows us, He loves us. He is guiding us and continually leading us to happiness.
Grateful he lead this sister to us, and grateful for the chance to keep meeting her.
Sister Clegg

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