Ditch the Coffee!

October 2, 2017
We have been working a lot with our 김유진s this week. ugh she’s basically the best.  Last week, after church, we had a member lesson, and she brought up the Word of Wisdom again. She said that she really believes that it is the true, and she wants to quit drinking coffee so bad. So this week, we made this plan on how to help her quit drinking coffee. We were a little nervous because she says that she has researched it before, and that doctors say it is better to slowly stop drinking coffee, over a matter of YEARS and that is healthier for you. So she said that she would slowly quit drinking over the next few years.. BUT we know that isn’t going to work… HAHA so we decided to make a plan to help her quit drinking THIS WEEK. And the whole week we were praying for her that she would be open to the plan and have the faith to trust Heavenly Father and quit drinking coffee this week. So, a little into the lesson, before we even extended the invitation, she said, “I’ve been thinking this week, and I think that during this next holiday, it will be a good opportunity for me to go without coffee for 10 days.”  I  was so shocked and SO HAPPY. Heavenly Father had really softened her heart. She committed to quit drinking coffee for this holiday! We were so excited. Also, because this week was Fast Sunday, we decided to all fast together that she would have the strength to quit drinking this week! She really liked the idea of fasting, and even said “But if we don’t really pray before we fast, this is just going hungry. I think praying is the most important part of fasting!”
AHH it made me so happy. hahah but seriously, she’s doing so good!
When I first came to this area, she was the first investigator I met. Then, she had no gospel interest, only English interest, and she would openly tell us, “Yeah I have no desire to believe in God” and now she is praying every day, reading the Book of Mormon, coming to church, and has decided to be baptized! We’ve been working with her for a long time, and we meet her a lot. During the process of meeting her, I don’t think I really ever took time to see how much she has progressed. But this week, I looked back and saw how much Heavenly Father has really softened her heart in order to be prepared to receive the message of the Gospel. Every time we meet her, I feel how much He loves her and wants her to accept this gospel. I really feel like she is going to get baptized soon, and I COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITED.
The biggest thing I’ve learned with working with her: Through the gospel of Jesus Christ, people can change.
Best part of this area …  Her!
Also fun story:
We were waiting to go on an elevator and there were a bunch of people and so I got on before my companion and then all the sudden the door closed and MY COMPANION WASN’T IN THE ELEVATOR and then I started freaking out and every one was like, “Um, are you okay?” and i was like, “Wait wait wait” and then I ran back down to meet her and we laughed super hard. It was a solid 5 minutes with out each other.  Almost died. but good news: I survived.                  (Rule on missions–always stay with companion!)DSC05342[1]

One thought on “Ditch the Coffee!

  1. Hi! I loved both of the stories! I know that Uncle Stu’s said that quitting coffee was the hardest, even more than quitting cigarettes! It seems like prayers really work. What am I saying? They do! We are praying for her too. Also, I remember on my mission that twice I got separated from my companion. Lesson learned. It is always good to be together.


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