LUVVVVV Teaching!

DSC01327September 25, 2017
Good experience of the week:
We had set up a ride for her with the members, and then like 10 minutes before church starts, the member calls and says that she wasn’t at the meet up stop, and they were coming to church without her! We were SO SAD! But then like 45 minutes later, she showed up!!! Apparently all the clocks in her house are slow, and she went out late to meet her and missed her! So then she took the bus and came late! AHH WE WERE SO HAPPY!
After church, we did a lesson together. The spirit was so strong! I felt like Heavenly Father was really directing us what to say the whole time. We spent a lot of time talking about repentance. It’s been the subject or our lessons the last few times we’ve visited her. She asked us how we repent and what repentance means to her? She opened up about how she has been trying to repent, but has been left speechless because she just doesn’t know how to pray for forgiveness. We all went around and shared our testimonies and experiences. Then after, we read together Moroni 8, about how the first fruits of repentance is baptism.. and then we invited her to be baptized, and she said YES! She said that she really wants to change her life, and prepare for baptism. We were so excited! The last part of the lesson was focused on how she can feel the Holy Ghost and recognize it in her life.
An experience came to my mind of when I was traveling with my family in Jerusalem. We were visiting the Garden Tomb, a place recognized as where Christ was resurrected on that Easter Sunday. I remember my family and I all sang together I believe in Christ, and I stand All Amazed. Afterwards, we were sitting down, and I just start crying! The peace I felt, and the love I felt from my Savior was so overwhelming. I knew in that moment, that Jesus really is the Christ, and He suffered it all, died and was resurrected for me.  The Spirit spoke to me, testifying to me of the reality of my Savior and Redeemer. While I was sharing the experience, we were all crying together! I really felt the Savior with us during that lesson. I felt how much He loves our investigator and how much He loves me. Because He loves us, He has given us the chance to change and repent every day. He has given us the chance to progress, learn, and become new people through Him. Through Him, we can receive the strength to really change our lives! We really can change our weaknesses into strengths. We really can become new! I love My Savior, Jesus Christ. I can’t express how grateful I am for the chance to change. Grateful for His sacrifice, and grateful for the chance to help other people experience and come to know Him.
Sista Clegggggggggg

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