The Plan is Great!


P-day Fun!

September 11, 2017

Miracle #1: We have been praying for and trying to meet this less active member the past few weeks. Growing up, she always attended church with her family, but after she married a nonmember, she slowly went less active. She is originally from another city, but recently moved to here a few months ago with her family. This week we were SO EXCITED because we finally got an appointment with her. We spent like all of companionship study role playing and what not, trying to make the perfect plan and to go and invite her family to learn about the gospel and help prepare them to be sealed together in the temple BECAUSE WE WERE SO EXCITED.
We showed up, and she gathers her whole family into the family room and we sat down. We start talking, and within minutes she starts bawling and tells us that lately she has felt the need to bring her family into the gospel. She said that growing up, she never understood why her parents forced her to come to church and sit down.. but as she has become a mother and struggled in her relationship with her husband, she has learned that when times are really hard, there really is nothing but God to help her. Looking back, she regrets that not putting the Lord first in her life and wants to start now bu helping her family be baptized! We were seriously all crying together. SO BLESSED. Didn’t end up talking about anything we planned, but it was seriously 10000x better than anything we could have planned.
At the end of the meeting, we all knelt down and started by teaching her kids and husband how to pray. She then asked if she could pray for her family. As she prayed, the spirit totally filled the room. She was full of so much emotion and hope for her family. She expressed gratitude for the blessings of the gospel and pleaded for help as they try to change their lives and start to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m pretty sure it was the first prayer she has said with all her family together, and it was such a cool experience to be part of something that special. So humbled and grateful to be part of Heavenly Father’s plan for her and her family.
The past two weeks, we have prayed almost every day to meet her, and after meeting her, I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for my Heavenly Father. He really answers our prayers. He knows us, He loves us, He’s aware of us, and He is constantly watching over us.
Lunchtime nap!
Miracle #2: A few weeks we had a Mini-MTC thing with our mission president, the mission leaders in our stake.  At the meeting, I was talking with a recent-ish convert. I asked her if she had any friends who would be interested in learning about the gospel. She then got super excited and told us about her friend who had met with missionaries a few years ago and wanted to get baptized, but because she didn’t have parental approval, she wasn’t able to…. BUT–wait for it–she recently moved to our city to go to college, and would love to meet with us. WE WERE SO EXCITED! So we set up an appointment for yesterday, and met for the first time. SHE IS SO PREPARED!!! I COULDNT BELIEVE IT. She set her own baptismal date, and kept talking about how excited she is to be able to finally get baptized. I WANTED TO CRY THE WHOLE TIM!!!!
Again, after meeting her, I couldn’t help but be so overwhelmed in gratitude for my Heavenly Father. I have prayed my whole mission to find people to baptize and help accept the gospel.. and I feel like Heavenly Father purposefully didn’t let me meet anybody ready for the gospel until the end of my mission! HAHA but seriously.. He really tested my patience the last 15 months. But in result of that, my testimony has been so solidified and strengthened. He really knows us, He hears our prayers, He knows our silent pleadings, and He is continually watching over us. SO EXCITED TO BE ABLE MEET THESE PEOPLE!
Miracle #3: We have been working with an investigator that was referred to us from another mission. We met her again this week, and taught the plan of Salvation. Before we taught it, she said really bluntly that she doesn’t like talking about Heaven and Hell because it just isn’t her “style” but as soon as we started teaching it, she said “Wow, this is really so different” and she immediately got interested. She asked so many questions and was so into it. Then after we finished, we started to invite her to pray to know that the Plan of Salvation is really Heavenly Father’s plan for her, and she said, “I don’t need to pray, this is right”(!!!!! WHAT?)
She said that when she asked other churches, they all had different answers that never made sense to her. She said that some religions said that if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, then you are going to hell. That never made sense to her. But then, other religions also said that if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, but live good lives, you can’t go to Heaven, but you are still going to a “good place”…and she said when she heard that, that didn’t’ make sense to her either. But after hearing the Plan of Salvation, it all made sense to her!
We taught about the temple and baptism for the dead, and family history, and she instantly got interested. She said that no other churches believe this way, and because of that, she knows that this is really a true plan for us! Me and my companion just looked at each other like.. “haha okay, is this real life???? She is so prepared” HAHA we were so excited!
When she was talking and bearing her first testimony of the Plan of Salvation, the spirit was so strong. My heart was so full, and I after hearing her speak, I too was able to testify with certainty…. the Plan of Salvation is really true!! We really were living with our Heavenly Father before this life, and we were sent her to earth to learn, gain experience, grow and become more like Him. We were sent here to prepare to live with Him and our families for eternity! This life really isn’t the end, it is the beginning and the start of something so much greater! After we die, and are resurrected, we will be judged for our works. Because He loves us, and wants us all to return to live with Him, He has provided us the Gospel. If we remember the Plan of Salvation, and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ during this life, when we are brought before Heavenly Father and at judgement, we will be welcomed into His arms, completely ready to meet our Maker. We will be full of joy and satisfaction, knowing that we really did it! We overcame the world! So grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ, who makes this all possible. He really lives, and because He lives, we all will too.
Aunt Lisa passed away on September 13th.  Two days after this letter home.
So grateful for knowledge of The Plan of Salvation. Especially during this time with my own family. Grateful for my Aunt Lisa, and how strong she is. I love her so much.  Grateful this isn’t the end for her, but the beginning. I’m grateful my family has been blessed to know the Plan of Salvation. I know He lives and because of Him, she will too.
Blessed to serve. Blessed to sacrifice. Blessed to be here. Blessed to be part of something so great. Blessed to have my family, and blessed to know we will live together for eternity.
Sister Clegg

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