DSC05123[1]September 4, 2017

Good week!
Fav experiences:
First experience was when we met an investigator on Wednesday. Last week when we met her, she said she didn’t understand why Heavenly Father has commanded us to get married and have families. So we decided we would focus on eternal families when we met her this week. We reviewed the Plan of Salvation and read the Family Proclamation with her. We explained the simple doctrine of how families are at the center of His plan for us. Through families, we can participate in Heavenly Father’s plan, progress, learn and continue on the path to return to live with Him. In order to live in harmony, peace and happiness with our families here on earth, He has provided the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our families can experience real peace and grow together. If we continue to progress down the path back to Him with our families, every day striving to be better and endure to the end together, then the blessing of eternal families is given to us and we are rewarded to live in perfect happiness with our families in the eternities. (like seriously what greater blessing is there)
Then the member started to bear her testimony about how living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in her life has blessed her family. And honestly, the whole time she was talking, I was like “SO TRUE” “MY FAMILY WAS SO BLESSED” and my whole childhood did like this slideshow in my mind. Every week doing family night with my family, every morning praying with my mom and dad before leaving for school, ending the day with scripture study and family prayer.. having family counsels and mini interviews with my dad.. like the reason behind all my family’s happiness growing up, was centered around this gospel. It seriously almost made me cry! I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for my parents who taught me this gospel growing up, and the opportunities they gave our family to learn, progress and become better by living it. I was so grateful for my Heavenly Father who provided this plan of happiness and allowed my family to participate in it. My family is truly eternally blessed because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
Second favorite experience of the week: last night. We met with a new investigator that had met the missionaries in Utah while living there, and had attended church a few times. As we were talking with her, she talked about how moving back to Korea has been hard for her. While she lived in Utah, she loved being with the church members. She said that the members of the church were just free. Free from worry, free from pressures, free from expectations… She said when she saw the members.. she was just jealous because they weren’t worried about nicer cars, bigger houses, studying harder, etc… like the people in Korea. They were just content. And how by living with the church members, she started to change like them. But by moving back to Korea, she has become too busy to enjoy that comfort, and has become too busy to go to church and to learn more about the gospel. She said when she is at church, or learning the gospel, she just thinks about all the other things she needs to be doing in the day. I realized two things while she was talking.
2. It isn’t just the people in Utah, it’s the members every where that can enjoy that peace! Because as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we can know our purpose in this life, and hopefully it is easier for us to not get so caught up in all the busy-i-ness of the world. We know where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. We know that our lives are a time to prepare to live with Heavenly Father again.. and because we are focused on our purpose, we can avoid all that other crap that comes from being too busy.
(HAHA–she doesn’t really know what is going on at home–mom’s comment)
Love you,
sister emmclegg

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