Emulate Christ & pray for my foot!

August 28, 2017
My favorite experience of the week:
Meeting with our investigator!
We started the lesson by following up about her coming to English class. She started talking about how when she was younger, she always saw the missionaries and members of our church. Though she went to a different church, she was always so impressed by the light that they had. She said whenever she saw the members or the missionaries, they were bright and just glowed with a peaceful feeling. She started meeting the missionaries years ago, and even attended church a few times, but because she moved to India, her connections were lost.
She said that when she attended English class and met the members, the same feeling came back to her! She said she was so impressed with the peace that the member’s emulate. Every time she has seen missionaries, or met members, she’s been so impressed with the light they have, that she feels that this church is something that is right for her.
As she was talking, I was so touched. Sometimes in life, we get so caught in the world, that we forget how much people are really watching every thing we do. But it’s true! People are always watching us, and even people we don’t meet, or people we don’t talk to, they notice the light of Christ in us all. Sharing our light, being an example in all we do.. It is missionary work!
Because of that light that she saw growing up, and because of that peaceful feeling she felt meeting the members.. she feels that this is the church for her!
Grateful for her and how she taught me that really every thing we do should emulate Christ. Our words, actions, our dress, our overall appearance.. We should always strive to shine our light to others, and emulate Christ in all we do.
Excited to keep working with her.. LUV HER
Also sad update: Have a mosquito bite on my foot. Please pray for me. I am dying.

Sister Clegg

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