Biggest Miracles

August 21, 2017

This week was another good week. We met this super, super prepared investigator. The biggest lesson learned his week: the biggest miracles happen when I have done absolutely nothing to help. Seriously! It has been when people are just placed into our hands by the Lord. I learned that this week and also learned that if I want to be able to see those big miracles, I need to stop pushing so hard and start letting Him take the wheel and control the work! Trusting Him, having faith that He hears my prayers, knows my desires and heart, and is blessing me with what I need.
Companion and I are doing awesome. We saw so many miracles this week. Our area is definitely booming with missionary work. It is doing awesome. We are super blessed! As STLs, we just visit the sisters in their areas and go on splits with them in our areas and call them and then do the training at zone meetings and then conduct district meetings sometimes and just make sure the sisters are happy and doing well. It’s fun, but also low-key–I’m a little nervous because tomorrow is zone conference and my companion and I are doing the training, so that will be interesting.
We met this super cool investigator a few weeks ago and I am so happy! I feel like she was sent to me! I love her so much.
Sorry so short–bye, Sista Clegg
Interesting fact: ¬†Korean bathrooms have no shower. It’s just like a faucet (is that how you spell it) on the wall and there’s no walls or anything. Just an FYI. Just something kind of fun about Korea.

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