Heaven on Earth

August 14, 2017
This past week truly testified to me how this is truly the Lord’s work! Every experience I had this week in my new area proved that to me.
Best experience of the week:
We are meeting with an investigator that has been meeting with missionaries for a little bit. She has never really progressed or showed any interest though. So we were a little confused on how to help her. But this last time we met her, we decided it would be best to teach about repentance, baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. As we started talking, we could sense she was feeling something different than what we were teaching, so we stopped and asked her how she felt. She opened up and said that she has had times when she believed there was a God, but then after a time, she forgets those feelings and then doubts immerge and she can’t honestly admit that she believes He lives and loves her. She said if she could honestly believe like us, it would make her happy, but she just doesn’t know if she is able to do that. As she was talking, my heart was so touched!
When I first started my mission, I had a time where I seriously doubted absolutely everything about my testimony. It was one of the biggest trials I have ever gone through, and it was because I was doubting my entire testimony. As she was explaining what she was feeling, I could instantly relate to exactly how she felt. Similar feelings that I had experienced early in my mission came back, and I felt such a connection with her. I was seriously in tears! I never ever understood why I had that kind of trial on my mission. Why I would ever doubt my testimony and doubt the existance of God and His Jesus Christ, WHILE A MISSIONARY? Why was that part of my mission? That time was extremely discouraging, and honestly I was frustrated with myself a lot! It took a long time to get over that and I never understood WHY..
But as soon as this investigator started sharing this experience, I knew exactly WHY I had that trial.. it was for her! I knew exactly what she felt, and I knew exactly how to help her. The words flowed from my mouth as I shared my experience and how I was able to overcome that in my own life. I feel like she is someone that I had met before this life, and it was planned for us to meet in Korea!  Experiences like these just prove even more how much Heavenly Father is aware of each of us. He truly knows and loves us all.
I think the biggest thing I learned this week is patience and humility. I always served in the super small, hard cities in my mission. One of the sisters in our zone got transferred to the smaller area in our zone and she was complaining about how it isn’t missionary work to just walk around and how it’s a waste of time to serve in cities like this and it’s for elders and blah blah blah. It honestly kind of hurt my feelings, because that is where I spent most of my mission!!  Just because I never saw those big miracles in the big city, doesn’t mean I “didn’t waste my time” or “didn’t do missionary work”.. it taught me to find and seek the Lord’s hand in my life even more! Though they were smaller, I was able to find miracles in my days. It taught me to be humble and grateful for those kinds of miracles! Grateful to have been able to serve in the smallest cities of our mission. Seriously a blessing! Also grateful my prayers have been answered in being able to see the bigger side of things too!! Lucky to serve here!!
New companion is sent from heaven. Love her with all my heart.
Fun stories: went to Soeul this week because she lost her passport. HAHA classic. After some major failed attempts of proselyting on the streets of Souel, we came back and realized, “YES, SO GRATEFUL TO BE SERVING IN DAEJEON!”
All my love,
Sister Clegg


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