Transfer Time–after 8 months

fullsizeoutput_4442HI FAM

New companion: Sister Kim
Super rough saying goodbye to so many loved ones. This place has become my home. The people I have served with have become my family. I learned so much from every one here.
But especially our lovely investigator!
The biggest thing I learned from working with her is the power of the spirit in conversation. Whenever we met her, the spirit was so strong. All of our hearts were on fire! There was no way that every one in the room couldn’t tell that what we were sharing was from God. Because the spirit was always so strong when we taught her, her heart was softened and opened to accepting the message of the Restoration. She initially met us just for English, but as we continued to meet her, her heart opened and she was able to really find the truth for herself. She would always tell me, “every time I’m with the missionaries or I read the Book of Mormon, I feel like my heart is healing. It is really peace to me”.
She really taught me that the Holy Ghost is the single most important part of conversion. You can really only come to feel the truth and be truly converted when you feel the Holy Ghost and recognize it talking to you. I’m so grateful for her and all that she taught me! I feel like meeting her really taught me what missionary work is!   We are meeting her one last time tonight and I’m so so heart broken!! She’s been the best part of my mission. I love her so much!! When she goes through the temple, I’m coming back to Korea!!! She will forever be the best part of Korea to me!!!
I can’t even put into words how much I learned here while serving here. I feel like serving here really taught me what a missionary is. What we need to do, what we need to feel, what we need to say, how we need to act, and how we need to love others. Serving the people here changed me forever! So grateful for the chance to serve here.
Honestly, shed some major tears yesterday. I feel like this place has seriously become my home. I’ve lived here longer than I lived at the freshman dorms in BYU!! The members are soooo my family. This last Sunday was super sad saying goodbye to people whom I have learned to love so much.
Look forward to the next new area and the next new companion and the adventures that lie ahead!!! Just happy to be serving my Savior :)))!!!!
ps: funny story:
It was fast Sunday and our ward mission leader found me in the congregation and motioned for me to get up and bear my testimony. He kept giving me the “look” and nodding his head towards the stand. I kept saying no…. and then finally got up. After I bore my testimony, I invited him to get up and bear his testimony after. Then all the members were laughing, typing it out, it sounds lame.. but just know it was funnier than it sounds.
Love the members here! Love the investigators. Love the people! haha just love Mokpo, okay!
Bye Sister Clegg

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