A Single Bag

DSC04671[1].JPGJuly 31, 2017
I’ll share my favorite experience of the week:
Yesterday, we were coming home from district meeting, and waiting at the train station. All the sudden this woman comes up and starts talking with us. The minute I saw her, I could see how sick and frail her body was! She was seriously the size of a toothpick! She also had a bag she carried around to feed herself and go to the bathroom. But the minute we introduced ourselves as missionaries, she opened up all these trials she has in her life. How sick she is, how lonely she is, how she can’t get married, she can’t do anything on her own, etc.. and how the only thing she has in her life is God. The spirit was super strong and we were able to share about how through our message she can be able to overcome those challenges. We invited her to learn more, and she said yes! Then on the train ride, she asked us to switch seats and we started talking again. We prayed together, and we held hands and we shared with her the whole plan of salvation! She was almost crying, it was such a special experience! We got her number and contacted her yesterday. I hope we can meet her again this week!
I feel like Heavenly Father placed her in our paths at that exact moment!  The whole time we were talking with her, I just felt His love for her so strong! All the trials, pains, heart breaks and burdens.. He knows them all! I feel like He sent her to us so we can help her.
While we were meeting her, i just couldn’t stop thinking about how much Heavenly Father loves all his children. He truly knows and loves each and every one of us!
Because he loves us, and he wants us to be happy, He sent his son, Jesus Christ. Through Jesus Christ, every thing that is unfair, everything pain, heartbreak, sickness and trial can be overcome and be healed. He loves us that much! He gave us everything, so we can receive that blessings of freedom, peace, and healing.
I am grateful for the knowledge I have of this message, and especially the opportunity to be able to share it to people whom I have grown to love so much!
I wouldn’t trade this for the world!
Sister CleggDSC04471[1]

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