Her district:)

DSC04502[1]July 24, 2017

I’ll give you the updates on our 윤영아 자매님!
For the whole week,  me and Sister Ju were just stuck. During weekly planning, we spent over 1 hour just talking about how we can help her, with honestly no progress. We were just frustrated. We knew her needs were to come to church, but also we didn’t feel like reteaching church attendance was right. So we decided to pray and fast about it, and try replanning another time.
Then yesterday, one of our appointments cancelled and we were stuck at the church. We decided to go upstairs to the sacrament meeting room and pray for her! After that, we sat down and did some serious companionship study! We got the white board and wrote down all her doubts, fears, concerns.. Her beliefs, her strong points, and desires… things she hasn’t been taught, things she’s been taught, how she accepted the message, how she thought about certain principles, etc. The discussion was so led by the spirit! Things we had never thought about showed up, and we were able to narrow it down to what she REALLY needs. and what it came down to was, repentance; a change of heart. A call to repentance! An invite to seek the Lord and His Kingdom first. Once we finally figured that out, the lesson plan just flowed! The spirit was so strong in our planning session! We were able to know exactly what she needed, how she needed to hear, and how to teach her the doctrine. Through seriously planning, roleplaying, re-roleplaying, feed backing, trying again, feeling the spirit and talking it out, we were able to figure it out! So grateful for how much the spirit lead us.
Cute Companion
As we were planning and talking things through, I was able to seriously study and think about repentance in my own life.  I think before my mission I just viewed repentance as  “forgiveness of sins”. But it is so much more than that! Repentance is truly a change of heart. It is recognizing Heavenly Father’s will for us, and committing ourselves to change, be better, rise above our mistakes and seek His will more in our lives every day. It is the continual process of becoming perfect, every day of our lives! When we pray, taking time to reflect on our lives, and think, “how can I seek His Kingdom more today?” or “How can I better follow His will for me today?” and then committing ourselves to rise above our imperfections and become a new person every single day! What a great blessing!
Couldn’t be possible without our Savior, Jesus Christ. I can’t describe in words how much He means to me. My heart is full of gratitude at the sacrifice He made for me, and the blessings and strength I receive on a daily basis from Him. He truly is my Savior, Redeemer, and my best friend!
Our investigator has taught me so much! I think I have learned more meeting her, than I have any other investigator! I love her so much!
I gave a talk this week again in church. Afterwards, a visitor said,  “it looked like you were just part of the ward!” teasing me because I have been here so long and it has become my home. I love it! It’s the best. This place really is my home!!
Overall, very happy
Sister Clegg
She had a fun surprise when she got home–almonds from Costco!  And Mints!

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