Going to church is the key!


July 18, 2018

Hi there!!

Not much time today because we just got back from an awesome, little trip with our investigator.  She drove us to my first area and we went touring! haha sooo fun! I’ll send pictures!I  feel true joy with her. She is the first person on my mission who has really become a convert. I love her so much!  She has some trials to overcome before baptism, but I have full confidence that she will overcome them all and eventually make it into the waters of baptism and eventually the temple!!
Here’s an update on her:
We taught about keeping the Sabbath Day holy Last week and invited her to keep the Sabbath Day holy by coming to church this week. (We have invited her multiple times but she has always had an excuse, so we were really determined to commit her to come this week). After we invited her, she was a little quiet for a second and then said, “Can I be honest with you guys?” and then opened to us about some problems she is having.
She has been working high up in this company for over 10 years, and apparently she is having a problem or something with another similar company. And one of the high up working people in that company just so happens to be an active member in the ward. She said ever since she has committed to be baptized, she has  been worried because she wants to come to church and she wants to get baptized, but also says that she because of the fight or quarrel going on now with their companies, going to church and seeing the member is too uncomfortable for her and she doesn’t want to mix the good feelings she feels with us and the uncomfortable feelings with the member at church.
Okay, so we have been praying and special fasting for her to be able to get a baptismal date and come to church, and we knew there was a problem.. BUT WE DIDNT KNOW IT WAS THIS!
She explained about how she really feels the Lord is directing her and telling her to join the church. She said she feels the truth, and she knows this is where she wants to go. She said, “I can promise you I will get baptized”.. but then she said that she doesn’t know when she will be able to start coming to church. AHHHH. She even asked where other churches are located and when they start. She is planning on visiting the temple this break and going to church there!
Honestly, we had no idea what to say! She wants to come to church, but also feels like it just isn’t the time right now because of the problem going on at her company. Honestly we don’t know what to do! She is really honest and upfront and willing to do anything we ask. But she also is really uncomfortable coming and seeing the member. So we don’t want to push her, but also know she can’t continue to progress unless she comes to church! We have no idea what to do, and we have been talking to our member that referred her and she also says that there isn’t anything we can besides pray and fast that her heart will change and be able to come to church. So we are fasting and praying again this week for her!
I feel true joy when I’m with her. She really is a convert! She really is someone who is a true convert. I feel it when she talks about our church. She even said today “우리 교회”  when we were talking. She is someone who will truly endure to the end. She is really is my joy. I love her so much! Of course I am bummed that I won’t be able to see her baptism, but honestly to me, this is greater joy! She is amazing.
Other than that, everything else is going well.   Honestly, I am just happy because of her. I tell my companion this all the time, but I think it’s actually a little weird because I spent almost 90% of the time just thinking about what more we can to help her. HAHA
Please keep praying for her :)))))
Thanks for the fun pics of mexico!! looks awesome!
I’ll send some pictures now
Love ya,
A fav treat!

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