The power of the Book!

DSC04214[1]July 3, 2017


I’m excited for the family EFC thing, tell me how it goes!!! send pictures please!
haha that stinks about the guy falling through our ceiling on the staircase but also the funniest thing ever–hahah how often does that happen?
New companion is awesome! This is her last area and so it’s kind of nice working with an older missionary. We are still learning how to teach together but we are patient and I promised Heavenly Father I would just love my companion. So yeah, so far it’s going good.
Quick thought:
I wanted to bear my testimony of the Power of the Book!
We started meeting an investigator a little over a month ago. She willingly accepted the invitation to take the lessons and start reading the Book of Mormon. The first few weeks of meeting her, we noticed a change in her when we met! She was happier, more open, and willing to listen. Her heart was changing! Last week, we asked her how reading the Book of Mormon has blessed her life. She says that she feels peace when she reads it, and it heals her heart. She talked about how she feels that it is true! She says that by reading it, she’s been able to feel that it’s a true record, and she now has no doubts about Joseph Smith being a prophet of God! She is preparing to be baptized!
In just a short amount of time, by reading the Book of Mormon, her heart changed. The Book of Mormon really has the power to change lives! One of the greatest joys of my mission so far is being able to watch it change her life. Through her example, I too have been able to strengthen my own testimony of the book! I know it’s true! I know it’s a real record of the ancient american people. I know that Joseph Smith found the record, and through the power of God, was able to translate it. I know that He truly was a prophet of God, and I know that Heavenly Father truly did restore His true church on the earth again, through that prophet.
I’m grateful for THE BOOK! with the Book of Mormon, we can gain a testimony of these things. It can truly change lives! It has changed mine, and I’m grateful to be able to help share it with others!
Mission life is good!
My week:
got a new companion
she’s great
love her
Got bit by a little creature–gosh, I think I hate animals
That’s all for this week!
sister kl3gg :)))))

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