Transfer time

DSC04225[1]June 26, 2017
This week was awesome. I got transfer calls, and I’m staying in my area again! hahah Super pumped. I’ll be here for almost 7 months! I’m super excited. Especially because our investigator will get baptized next transfer. AND ALSO ! This member referred to us this new investigator.  She is progressing so much! Last night she said that she believes the Book of Mormon is true and she has no doubts that the prophet Joseph is a prophet! We invited her to be baptize and she said that she still needs more time, but I really feel like she will get baptized next transfer too! It’s one of the first times on my mission where I have seen someone really FEEL the gospel and see it change her life. She is so much happier since we’ve been meeting and she notices it and really has a desire to learn more! So I’m super super excited.
I’m getting a new companion though! I’m super nervous to get a new companion cause my little trainee was sooo awesome. Seriously one of the best people I’ve served with. I’m a little nervous to get a new companion cause I feel like we were so equal in working.  We were equally yoked? If that makes sense and we have seen so much growth in our work since serving together. So i’m excited for her to get a new companion and finish training, but also scared for my new companion. She’s a Korean. haha I’ve literally only had Korean companions my whole mission. ALSO!!! The first presidency is giving permission for missionaries to go the temple with their recent converts for baptism for the dead. So if our investigators get baptized, we can go with them to the temple!! Super awesome right? Super, super cool!!
Pray for these three investigators!!!
I’m happy and learning ltos!!   (                    haha says mom as she spells lots wrong!!!)
Sorry for no big email today lols
I had some bible bashing thing week. Totally killed it. The church is really true!!
Let me know how EFC goes!!
I love you and miss you!!
sister cleggggg

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