Life is good

June 19, 2017
Fun story of the week:
A few days ago, we were riding the bus to an appointment. I sat next to this older woman and started talking with us. She was super sincere and sweet. I explained who I was, and what message we were sharing. She opened up about how there’s so many churches, but none of them really worship Jesus Christ; they worship their pastor and his own teachings. She talked about how it’s rare to find someone who really believes in Jesus Christ. I was listening super carefully, but the whole time just thinking, “SHE IS SO PREPARED!”. We talked about the Restoration of the Gospel and how the restoration solves all of those problems. Even though, we were in the middle of a big city, riding a noisy bus, the spirit was so strong! She gladly accepted the Book of Mormon and the invitation to read the book and pray to know if it is true. I gave her our phone number, and right before I went to ask her if we could meet again, SHE GOT OFF! I was pretty sad.
We were at an appointment yesterday and this random number calls us!! AND IT WAS THE LADY!!! She said that she had read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and wants to meet again!! We set up an appointment for this afternoon. I AM SO EXCITED! I feel like she really just wants to worship the Savior, and find the truth.  I am HAPPY WAHOO!!!  Missionary work:)
Just wanted to bear my testimony–
This week I was studying patience as my Christlike Attribute. I always like to do the quiz in PMG about Christlike Attributes. Almost all the questions under the patience section have to do with waiting for and trusting in the promised blessings of the Lord. It helped me understand more that working hard, being obedient, fervently praying, and trusting in the Lord are what QUALIFIES us for those blessings. But it is still in His time, in His plan, and in His way that we receive those blessings. Sometimes I can get frustrated and think, “But aren’t I working hard? Am I doing something wrong? Why am I not seeing any fruits of my labor?” but by having patience, trusting in the Lord, consistently working, and moving forward, our faith is strengthened in those times of hardship and if we press forward, in His time, we will be able to receive those promised blessings.
I always think of D&C 78: 17-19 :’)))
Life is good. you know, the usual.
Okay bye haha
sistaaa cleggggg

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