She is a little brat! (RE: her prank)

June 12, 2017
This week was seriously awesome!
I think the reason why this week was so great was because it was actually so hard! haha
I’ll start with sharing some of my favorite stories.
On Friday, we had planned to meet three investigators, and had a full day planned. Then, all of them cancelled and we were left with absolutely nothing to do! It was honestly the first time on my mission where we literally called every single person I could possibly think of. All the less actives, members, investigators, potential investigators, service groups, old phone numbers in phones, old investigators, and even out old 경비실 아저시!!! With absolutely NOTHING  to do!
We sat on our floor and prayed and called people for like 40 minutes, with no luck. So we decided that we would just leave the door and pray to find people on the way, promising to talk to everyone. We started walking and within ten minutes, we saw an older woman sitting at the bus stop near our house. We went up to go talk to her, and before even saying hello, she asked us if we were the missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! We said yes! She started talking about how she had received a Book of Mormon and had always wanted to come to our church one time. We were super shocked and so grateful that Heavenly Father had put her in our path. We explained and talked about the restoration together and about what the Book of Mormon is for almost 30 minutes. We asked if we could meet again and share our message. Just another testament to me about how this is Heavenly Father’s work. The days with the least appointments, always end up being the days with the most miracles.
Another day, we were visiting a member this week and her mother was visiting for the weekend! During lunch, we were talking with the grandma. She turned to me and asked “When were you converted?” I was a little confused because she knew that I have been a member forever. So I explained how I was born and raised in the church. Then she said “No, when did you really find your testimony?”
The question really hit me! She said, “You’ve always been in the church, but you haven’t always had a testimony.” And it was so true! It really made me think. It came down to this:
When my family was living in Asia, I decided I would try and read the Book of Mormon all the way through (I had only made it to the Isaiah chapters before haha..)  After a few weeks, I noticed a change in my life. I don’t know how to explain it, but there was just something more in my life. I had purpose, I felt His love all the time, I was happy. It changed my life! For the first time, I finished the Book of Mormon all the way through. Along the way, my testimony had grown from just sort of believing, to being certain. I had become converted! It really was through the Book of Mormon that I found my testimony of Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, and this gospel. I know the Book is true!!!
I was grateful for our member’s grandmother and how she asked me that question. Thinking it through, it really made me realize how important reading the Book of Mormon is! I know that if our investigator’s can just read the Book of Mormon with a sincere heart, they will changed, they will find power and purpose in their life, and they will be converted! I know the Book of Mormon is true !!!!! lols
Sister Clegg
oh ps best story of the week:
Last night my companion woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. It woke me up too, so I had this brilliant idea to sneak down off the top bunk and crawl into her blankets. I hid there, waiting for her to come back. When she crawled back into the bed, I jumped out and scared her. She literally flipped off the bed and flung herself into the wall across the room, screaming so loud. I can not describe how funny it was. Honestly, we laughed for 30 minutes. Best decision I have ever made!

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