Real Joy

June 5, 2017
Our president asked us to think about and share finding stories this week. this is my favorite one :)))!! (ps pretty sure I’ve already sent this but whatevs lols!! )
A few weeks ago, Sister Hwang and I had a few days with absolutely NO appointments. We had no idea what to do. But we decided that we would just leave the house and do our best to follow the spirit and talk to people on the street. Before we left, we said a prayer and promised to just follow the spirit, pleading for us to be able to find someone to teach. We had been walking a few hours when we stopped and in the shade to tape an English Flyer up. I looked down a bit and saw an older man coming towards us slowly. We said hello and started talking. We ended up talking on the street for quite a while. He opened up about different struggles he has been experiences with family, how he feels like he has needed to go back to church, and how because of past mistakes, he doesn’t feel like he is able to attend church again. It was one of the most spiritual, powerful street contacts we have ever done! Being able to look him in the eyes and promise that through the power of Jesus Christ, he can be healed, cleansed, forgiven and made free from burdens was such an amazing experience.  We explained our purpose as missionaries and exchanged numbers. A few days later, we met him at the church with one of our members. He talked for almost 30 minutes about some deep burdens he has been carrying for years and how he is looking for a new start.
We shared with him the gospel of Jesus Christ and read scriptures of baptism. We bore testimony of the power baptism and the precious gift of the Holy Ghost. The spirit was so strong! We have been meeting him once a week since then. Every time we meet him again, he seems to glow more and more! His health, strength and overall outlook on life is changing. It’s been an awesome blessing to be able to meet him and help him accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He still has a long ways to go, but I really feel Heavenly Father put in our path someone who really needed the Gospel of Jesus Christ right now in his life. It’s funny, the days we have no appointments, we end up seeing the biggest miracles! It taught me that if we trust in His plan, follow the spirit, and just go to work, He leads us into the right people, at just the right time.
I got a chance to talk to a newer missionary this week at Zone Conference.  She asked what’s the biggest thing I’ve learned on my mission so far. It really made me think! It came down to this: Heavenly Father knows me perfectly and He knows what is best for me in my life. If I trust Him, follow Him, and rely on His son Jesus Christ, I will be able to find the perfect happiness in this life. Every thing He puts in my life is for my benefit to grow, learn, progress.. and qualify just a little bit more for the Celestial Kingdom. I’ll do anything He asks me to do!
Our investigator with a baptismal date did not come to church yesterday. Honestly, we were sooo bummed because that means she probably won’t be prepared and really ready for baptism next week. I have seriously worked with this investigator since when I first came to this area! She is awesome and has a desire to learn more about her Savior, Jesus Christ. I think something I learned this week while planning and preparing to meet her was this: While I would seriously love to see her be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost… what is more wonderful to me is just being able to be part of her conversation process. Seeing her pray the first time, come to church every week, and honestly seek the gospel has been such a miracle to me. I have never seen anyone in my mission get baptized or really prepare for baptism before. Being able to see her progress, learn more, understand doctrines, and pray to understand has been the biggest miracle to me. How joyful is that? It really is pure joy to meet her. I was reading in Jesus the Christ a few days ago and I came across a part in the book that talked about how the real joy of the harvest does not come until the end. While on earth, we can see fruits of labors and feel joy, the true joy comes in the next life, when we are reunited with those souls and rejoice together in the eternities. I’m excited for that moment! I just want her to feel the joy I feel, and I’ve loved working with her the past few months. I hope she can continue to progress and be prepared to be baptized in a few more weeks!
fun story of the week:
i went to a Buddhist temple and ate with monks haha
sistaaa cleggggg

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