Gotta Love Miracles

May 22, 2017
Hi Fam!
Here are some miracles of the week:
My area has SO MANY KIDS in the ward! So we decided to figure out a way to do missionary work with the members we have, KIDS!
Resized_20170520_143639            Resized_20170520_152743
We planned a party for the kids to play games and sing songs and eat some yummy food. IT WAS SUCH A SUCCESS! Members brought non-member friends and our investigators came! It was awesome to meet  new potential investigators, and introduceour investigators to the members. We have been working with a potential lady a lot lately. She’s an old investigator that has been meeting with missionaries for almost a year! She originally just liked meeting the missionaries because she liked how kind they were. When I first came to my area and when we met her, it was just more friends meeting and talking. But now, it is totally different! She is reading the Book of Mormon, more open to talking about the gospel, and we are actually teaching her lessons! Not just little “messages”. It has been awesome to watch her transform into a potential investigator, to someone who is actually interested in the message. She still needs lots of time and love, but I’ve really come to love her through the process and I’m excited for her! She met with the members and while we were talking to the Relief Society President, she even opened up about how she likes our message and loves us teaching her! So it was awesome to hear her say that and see her start to build relationships with members! We just need to get her to church. The party was designed to practice songs on Saturday and have the kids sing the songs on Sunday in church, (so she would have more of a reason to go to church) but she ended up not coming 😦 we were kind of bummed! But nonetheless, awesome experience! And we met some great potential investigators through the members that we are hopefully meeting in the next few weeks!
We also had a huge miracle this week in finding a new investigator …. hmm where to start with her? haha she’s awesome! When we first contacted her, she sounded like a man, so we got a member to meet with us the first lesson. But it turns out, she’s a woman! She has hormone problems and her body is slowly changing into a man. So it kind of freaked us out at first.. not sure if she was a girl or a boy.. but after meeting her and talking, she opened up about her hormone problem and it was all fine! hahha She had originally met with missionaries a long time ago, and never understand the gospel or had a testimony. She ended up meeting us again, and the first time we met her, we were a little discouraged because she showed no interest and just talked the whole time. But then we called her a few days later to meet, and she said she had read the Book of Mormon for two hours that day and wanted to meet again! So we met a few days later, and within five minutes of meeting, she said, “when I first read the Book of Mormon, I didn’t understand anything about it. But I just read the entire Book of Mormon and I know it’s true. I know it’s God’s words and I know the prophet Joseph Smith is a prophet.”
Okay honestly, we were so in shock we did a double take and looked at her and said, “what did you say?”
We were so in shock and so grateful!
We then invited her to be baptized by someone holding the priesthood of God and she said yes! and then we extended a baptismal date (and honestly this is the dumbest thing I’ve done in my mission) but instead of saying June 10, I say October 6………… (I am so dumb, I know) but she said “yes, yeah I’ll be ready by then” and then I was all excited!! But my companion (obviously she’s Korean and knowing that I had mixed up the months in Korean) extended the invitation again with the correct date. (I love her) And she said she would need to prepare and study more and wasn’t sure if she would be ready by then.
We talked for a while about how as missionaries, our job is to help her prepare for baptism and help her gain a testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
It was the most random, biggest unbelievable miracle of my mission. We walked away in shock and in awe about how Heavenly Father really is preparing people for our message!
We met her again last night and went over the Plan of Salvation. She accepts and understands everything! But she has some concerns because she has been baptized in 3 other churches and doesn’t feel like she needs to be baptized again. She also talked about how her body hurts a lot and she’s really sick, so coming to church on Sundays is hard. We are praying for her and hope we can help resolve her concerns about baptism and help her find the faith to attend church on Sunday. She’s a little different because of the hormone thing but we love her SO MUCH!
After our lesson, we did a tour of the church and sang hymns together in the sacrament room. The spirit was so strong! She knows it’s true!! She  really does. I’ve never seen anyone like her on my mission, literally. She’s the miracle of mission!
This transfer my goal is: To find Jesus Christ in my life. I often find myself reflecting on Sister Madsen’s talk from Elder Yamashita. How if we focus too much on other things in our life, and we don’t focus on the “point” of Jesus Christ, we can’t cut the perfect line. I have been realizing more and more the last few transfers how I have a tendency to focus on everything else. It’s my goal this transfer! I want everything I do to be centered on Him, His life, His sacrifice, His love for me and most importantly, my own personal relationship with Him. I want to KNOW the Savior, not just BELIEVE the Savior.
good week this week
full of lots of fun stuff
pictures to come
Sister Clegg
Happy Birthday, Mom!  Enjoy your Alice Springs Chicken!  Love you—–

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