Scripts are the key!


April 24, 2017

As always a great week in Mokpo! I think I start every email out with the same line.. but really it was great!
I want to share an experience we had with a less active member these last few weeks.
With my last companion, we would randomly go and try to visit her every few weeks, but she never answered the door!
Then we had no appointments last week, and we decided to go and try to knock on her door one more time! She didn’t answer, but it was a few days before Easter, so we left a card to invite her to Sacrament Meeting! That next Sunday, a new face showed up to church! We didn’t know who she was at first, but we went up to introduce ourselves, and she said she was 김미!!! After all those random visits, I finally met her! We didn’t have much time before the meeting started, and she left early. So we had no time to visit with her at all! So a few days later, we had no appointments again, and we prayed to know where to go! We thought of her, so we went to her house, and for the first time SHE ANSWERED THE DOOR! She let us in and we started talking. Without us even asking, she opened up about her insecurities, fears, and feelings towards going to church. She shared how she had gone to multiple other churches, and had even attended catholic church for a few years. She cried and talked about how lonely she has been, and she felt like she just needed friends, and then she met us! We shared experiences, read from the scriptures, bore testimony, and ended the night with hugs and tears! Honestly, one of my favorite experiences in this area!
Then yesterday, she called and asked us to come over! When we visited the first time, she talked about how she didn’t feel like she had a testimony of the Book of Mormon, so that is why it was hard for her to keep coming to church. But out of all the churches she had been to, the one thing that kept her coming back to our church, was how the members of the church lived! They lived cleaned righteous lives, and she liked that! So we decided to make her a little outline of the Book of Mormon, like a reading chart! And we all agreed last night that we would read the Book of Mormon together and help her find her testimony of the Book of Mormon! She needs to just find the joy that comes from studying the Book of Mormon and the comfort, love, fullness of joy that comes from reading! And we are so excited to start reading with her!
We also had another experience later with a potential investigator. I met her on the bus a few weeks ago, and we have been trying to meet her the last few weeks! But it always fell through! Yesterday, we were finally able to meet her! We sat down, and explained our purpose as missionaries, and talked with her about the joy that comes from our message, and started to ask her about how going to church has blessed her life, etc. basically HTBT. and things were going really well, and we listened to open up about her trials, her fears of her family, and the burdens shes felt in her life. She opened up and cried with her, and the whole time she was talking, I just kept feeling how much she needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ! How much she needs to find the everlasting joy that comes from the gospel! I felt the spirit super strong. After she talked, i felt like we should share the Plan of Salvation, so we started sharing her the pamphlet and sharing our testimonies. Even though the spirit was so strong, she still rejected us, and started shutting herself down. It was so hard to say goodbye! I really hope that she will open up to other missionaries down the road. After we met her, I was a little sad because I felt like it was a really good lesson (up until the end)  and I felt the spirit, and everything, but she still rejected us! It re taught me how even though we have the spirit with us, and try our best to follow the spirit, and share the gospel, people still have their agency, and all we can do is our best, and just show our love and respect. I hope she can have another chance to meet the missionaries!

Farm in Korea

fun experiences of the week:
Also: I got sun burnt this week and low key panicked inside because i had flash backs of Korea summer with no air conditioners!
Love life! Love the mission–every week is another great learning experience!
I want to give a shout out to my family: thanks for being the best!
Sista Clegg

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