Intermediate Korean–woot woot

April 17, 2017
So good news:
Bad news:
Easter is not really a thing in Korea hahah.. just like Christmas! It’s just not really celebrated! In church on Easter, only one person spoke about Easter! hahah.. but seriously! I was so shocked! I had all the decorations up that you mailed me, I ate eggs, and I wore the brightest dress I owned, and I was so excited! but it was just like Christmas.. just not a thing here! People don’t even know it’s Easter! hahaha… like really! but all is well, I still celebrated in my pink dress, bright toe nail polish, eggs, and testifying of Christ. That’s all I needed! hahah! also I waited to open my Easter presents (in a box, couldn’t do a basket!) until Easter morning, and that was fun!
On our phones, we have thousands of names and numbers from people that old missionaries met on the street, that were never re contacted! So, we had an idea to start texting and calling random numbers in our phone, asking if they have any interest in our message, or the English program! As we have been cleaning out our phone, we have been texting old numbers, and we have actually been able to find a family to teach from it! A mother called back, and wanted us to meet her daughter! Last week, we started the English Program with her daughter, but our goal this week was to be able to start teaching the family! So after we finished the English portion, we invited the mother in to to hear our message! She loves to talk, and is so open! She shared with us about how when she was younger, she was Buddhist, and she found a lot of peace going to the temples. But then her father in law passed away, and a priest came and blessed their family, and then for the first time in her life she felt God’s love, and was able to learn that through Jesus Christ, she can receive strength and comfort. But she said that when she started going to church, it was hard for her to feel peace in the church, just listening to the priests. So sometimes her honest desire is to go to the temples, cause she feels peace there. But she also knows that God lives and loves her too. It was awesome to be able to explain our purpose, and explain as missionaries, we are here to help her find that peace all the time! She was open and willing, and enjoyed the conversation! We are excited to keep meeting her! Something we both felt after meeting her, was she needs the scriptures! We can find so much peace by reading the Book of Mormon and Bible, and our faith can be strengthened, and we can be able to find peace! We have been really sincerely praying and working hard to find new investigator’s and I know Heavenly Father’s prepared us for her!
Something I have been focusing on the last few transfers, is picking a specific Christlike attribute and trying to focus on that one attribute for the week. Last week was Charity. Every time I start studying a new Christlike attribute, I think “haha whoa, I really need to work on this” or “whoa, this is a weakness of mine” and feel like it’s exactly what I need to become a better person. But I felt that specifically last week, as I focused on Charity. Loving the people of your mission is one of the most important parts of missionary work, and I feel like it’s also something I honestly need to keep working on! Of course I love Korea, I love the members, I love our investigator’s , I love my companion, and I love the people. But do I really sincerely, view everyone in God’s eyes, and feel His infinite love for each of them? In General Conference, (I think) Elder Palmer? talked about charity. and it really hit me again–whoa, if i sincerely love, and cherish, and have sincere charity for our investigator’s, our less actives, our members, then all my fears of speaking Korean, all my fears of pressuring them, all my fears of saying the wrong thing, or being nervous while teaching, will disappear!  Love really casteth out all fears! (ps s/o my sissy joce for teaching me this before the mish) Praying for charity for people, and developing that kind of love for people, helps us fulfill our purpose more, motivates us to work our absolute hardest to love them into the gospel. Because if we truly love them that much, then we will do anything for them to find the joys of the gospel!
THEN yesterday, our mission president shared with us the video of the gift of tongues. One of the brethren in the video said, “the gift of tongues is charity” (or something along those lines) It hit me so hard! Watching the sister missionary on the video, she just loved the people she was teaching, and she only paid attention to her love for them, and Heavenly Father’s love for them, and then that’s when her tongue was loosed and she was able to be an instrument in Heavenly Father’s hand, and receive inspiration, revelation, and have her mouth be filled! It was exactly what I needed!  It’s something I am really striving to develop more in my every day life.
Our investigator, has a big test this week, and wasn’t able to come to church again :((( but we are hoping after her test, we can start meeting her on Saturdays too! She wants to meet after her test, and then we are hoping to continue to teach her and prepare her for baptism!
Oh–President Madsen contacted all the missionaries on Saturday about this whole North Korea thing! Mom, everything is totally safe right now. But ALSO THE WORLD IS ENDING IN KOREA! Nothing dangerous now, but WHOA–THE WORLD IS ENDING! Seriously, ANOTHER APOSTLE IS COMING TO KOREA!!!  Before Elder Bednar came, only one apostle had ever visited Korea.  But in the last 6-8 months, 4 apostles have come\or are coming! When Elder Bednar came, he said, “I’m warning you now, put the Lord first!”  WHAT IS GOING ON? And the president just got impeached, and they’re doing elections again, and then all that crazy stuff with North Korea that I really know nothing about and then President Madsen told us about it on Saturday and now, I am convinced that the world is ending in Korea hahahah just kidding.. but seriously! The Lord is really warning the people of Korea, and it motivates me to help prepare them more! But yeah– I’m perfectly safe, no worries hahaha.  President Madsen’s grandkids are even coming to visit them next week. It’s perfectly fine, mom– haha
My comp is doing SO GOOD! I feel like she’s training me.. haha.. but really! Her strengths are all of my weakness. And I’ve never felt so open with my companion! I feel like I can trust her with anything, and open up about things I’m struggling with, my deep weaknesses, and insecurities, and she is so willing to help me, motivate me, and encourage me. She’s really become one of my closest companions and it’s only been a two weeks! She’s an answer to a lot of my prayers, and I love her :’))
I love korea, I’m learning lots, investigators are doing good, work is moving along, and I LOVE MY COMPANION :’))))
All my love,
Sister Clegg

Miracle Story:

We were walking to meet our investigator (chew youn whaah) and then we wanted to give her something and bring her a treat, and we saw these flower vending machines (ps yes vending machines with flowers) but they were super expensive, so we were like “ah dangit” and then we went walking, and then on the street, in the trash, there was this PERFECT FLOWER BOUQUET?! hahah what.. He really prepares it all!

One thought on “Intermediate Korean–woot woot

  1. I was in Seoul when President Hinckley visited (summer 1997). He spoke in Seoul one day and in Busan the next. It was really wonderful how much the members loved him. He told them that if they would attend the temple faithfully they would be safe from attack from the north. (This may have been scrubbed from the official account, later, but I was there and I heard him say it.) When I got to the arena where he was speaking, a man in the stands stood up and waved to me as I went by looking for a seat. It was elderly Brother Kim from Nonsan, who lived in an ancient house in the country with his even-more-elderly mother, and rode around everywhere on his motorbike, and often brought the kids from his village to church. I was not at all surprised to see him. He probably went down to Busan the next day.


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