Letter of Assurance

Friday, 14 April 2017

한국어로는 밑에 나와있습니다

Dear Parents,

We are grateful to serve with your sons and daughters. Our highest priority is their safety. With the recent media attention concerning North Korea, we recognize that many of you are concerned. The purpose of this email is to update you on the current situation and to inform you of what is being done to protect the safety of missionaries.

In the last several days, the Church has made contact with military, government, and individuals in private industry to better determine any threats to missionary safety. Given the longstanding tensions between the United States and North Korea, there is little evidence to suggest that a direct military conflict is likely to occur in the short term. Despite the deployment of the U.S. Navy carrier group and aggressive rhetoric from North Korea, such provocations are considered to be a show of force and are not an indication of an imminent threat of widespread combat.

The Church will continue to monitor the situation and is in contact with several entities – including the U.S. Embassy in Korea and the U.S. Department of State – to identify circumstances that would indicate the need to move missionaries out of the area. Please be assured that the Church will be at the forefront of moving missionaries should the situation require it.

Additionally, we have been asked to review emergency action plans and to help missionaries acquire necessary items such as food and water in case there is an unexpected response by either side of the conflict that would result in the inability to move missionaries in a timely manner.

We are grateful for the sacrifices you are making to allow your sons and daughters to serve our Heavenly Father. We ask for your continued prayers as we work to share the Gospel with the wonderful people of Korea and for the guidance and protection of the missionaries. If you have any questions, please send email to 2012030@ldschurch.org.


John L. Madsen, PresidentKorea Daejeon Mission

2017년 4월 15일

친애하는 부모님들께,

저희는 여러분의 아들들과 딸들과 함께 봉사하는 것에 감사드립니다. 저희의 최우선 순위는 그들의 안전입니다. 최근 북한에 관한 언론의 관심과 함께 저희는 많은 분이 우려하고 있음을 알고 있습니다. 이 이메일의 목적은 현재 상황을 알려드리고 선교사의 안전을 지키기 위해 무엇이 되고 있는지 알려드리는 것입니다.

지난 며칠 동안 교회는 선교사 안전에 위협이 되는 모든 것들을 더욱 잘 규명하기 위해 군대, 정부 및 민간 산업계의 개인들과 접촉했습니다. 미국과 북한 간의 오랜 긴장 관계를 고려할 때, 단기간에 직접적인 군사 분쟁이 발생할 가능성은 거의 없습니다. 미 해군 항공모함의 배치와 북한으로부터의 공격적인 언행이 있었지만, 그러한 도발들은 무력시위로 여겨지고 그것들은 본격적인 전쟁의 임박한 위협은 아닙니다.

교회는 선교사들을 지역 밖으로 대피해야 하는지 아닌지 필요성을 나타내는 상황들을 분별하기 위해상황을 계속 주의 깊게 볼 것이고 한국 주미 미국 대사관과 미국 국무부를 비롯하여 여러 단체와 접촉하고 있습니다. 상황에 따라 필요하다면 교회가 선교사들을 대피시키는데 최전선에 설 것을 확신시켜 드립니다.

또한, 저희는 비상 행동 계획을 재검토하도록 그리고 적절한 시기에 선교사를 옮길 수 없게 되는 예기치 않은 반응이 분쟁의 양측에 발생할 때 선교사가 식량과 물과 같은 필요한 물품을 얻을 수 있게끔 돕도록 요구받아 왔습니다.

저희는 여러분의 아들과 딸이 하늘에 계신 아버지를 섬길 수 있도록 하기 위한 여러분의 희생에 감사드립니다. 저희는 여러분이 훌륭한 한국의 사람들에게 복음을 나누도록 일하는 저희를 위해 그리고 선교사들의 인도와 보호를 위해 계속 기도해주시길 바랍니다. 질문이 있으시다면 201230@ldschurch.org로 이메일을 보내주시길 바랍니다.


존 엘. 매드슨 회장한국 대전 선교부

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