Preparing for Easter:)


April 10, 2017

THIS WEEK WAS AN AWESOME WEEK! ITS THE WEEK BEFORE EASTER WHICH MEANS ONE OF THE BEST WEEKS EVER! LIKE WHAT A BETTER TIME? We just get to think about and reflect on our love for our Savior, Jesus Christ. Could there be a better week in the year?!

This last week, I have been focusing everything on preparing for Easter. Investigators, members, people we meet on the street, people we sit next to on the bus, people we are meeting, less actives, etc! But not only that, I have taken so much time to really reflect on my own testimony of the Savior. To prepare for Easter, I have been trying to read all the gospels. I just want to learn all I can about His life, and who is He, and what He did for me. I have loved the experience!
Just yesterday, I finished the book of Matthew and the last chapter focuses on his resurrection when He appears to his disciples on the that beautiful Sunday morning. What would it be like to be there? To see him again? To touch his hands, his feet, his side? To worship him? Honestly, I can’t even imagine it.
I know Jesus Christ died on the cross.  I know three days later He was resurrected. I know because He suffered it all, because He overcame it all, because He made the ultimate sacrifice for me– I, TOO, am able to overcome everything. Through him, through his strength, through his atoning sacrifice, I am capable to become my best self, and live together with my family for eternity. What greater blessing could anyone offer me?   What a great week to think and reflect on His greatness, His glory, and His ultimate atoning sacrifice.  He lives! and because He lives, I can live too!
Funny story of the week: I picked up my new missionary at the mission office, and we went back to a dinner appointment with the bishop’s wife. She took us to a seafood restaurant where she fed us octopus and sea shells the size of my head.  My new companion ate it like a champion, and then the next day her stomach hurt so bad, she didn’t eat for a few days! I am such a bad trainer.
I love my new companion. She is amazing!
Sister Clegg
Also–I lost the keys to the church and had to have the elders come after 9:30 pm so that we could sleep at night.  haha  I’m so dumb!

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