Air conditioning is a GIFT!


April 10, 2017

Hi mom!! haha– I loved the update.

I’m glad you guys enjoyed the vacation. Also a low key bummer about no AC, but also I will not lie, I did have a little laugh. Korea is just as hot the Philippines in the summer. And actually, I would say even hotter, and I survived and lived with no AC in our apartment. hahahahaha I melted! This week I have officially been able to go outside without the North Face coat… and also I am not going to lie, I have had multi-panic attacks, remembering last summer.. and wondering if I will survive this summer.. :'(( please pray for me that I won’t melt completely away.. BUT OH GOOD NEWS! We are moving into a new apartment and it has a small, built-in air conditioner, so I think we will be better than last summer! Truly, such a miracle!
Our investigator didn’t come to church this week and we were super sad about it :(( but it’s all good! she has a huge test that is on April 22, and doesn’t have anytime to meet unless Sunday, and so if she doesn’t come to church that week, we don’t see her for two weeks :(( super big bummer, but we are moving her baptismal date to May 6 or 13–we are still praying about it and working with her, but I know she’ll get baptized! She’s so cute! We haven’t had a lot of time to work with her because we’ve only met her 3 times when she’s come to church, but after her test, we will be able to meet her in the week too, so we are hoping things continue to go well with her. Thanks for praying for her :)))
I watched general conference this last week AHHH–I seriously can’t express how much I love general conference. Seriously, it’s been some of the most spiritual experiences on my mission. So good!
This last general conference, I especially loved Elder Palmer and Elder Costa’s talks. I have always heard and know that love is the key to missionary work, but it hit me in different way this last weekend. If we really love the people we are serving, and understand the blessings they can receive from our message, then we don’t need to have any fears when working with them. Because we just love them so much! I knew that, and I understood that before, but this general conference, it really hit me differently. I look forward to continue to see our investigators in Heavenly Father’s eyes, and develop the kind of love He has for them and then show my love through teaching them.
My new missionary is awesome! She’s from Seoul. She’s so cute! She is so full of fire and a desire to share the gospel. I have always been a firey missionary, and have always wanted a companion who shares that kind of “AHH” feeling– hahahaha and honestly, she has that feeling. It’s been an answer to my prayers! I love working with someone who generally wants to be a missionary, who really just wants to love and share her testimony.  It’s helped me realize how much more I can love and serve. She honestly helps me learn to love my mission and the people more, and truly just enjoy this time to serve Heavenly Father. We have very similar personalities–haha! This last week, we were trying to find our new house we are moving into, and we both started to, kind of take control of the situation, and it wasn’t like a bad situation, but afterwards, we were both secretly frustrated on the inside–hahaha but then she apologized and I did too, and we both decided we need to be careful because out personalities are so similar. It could lead to problems, if we don’t learn to be patient and let the other person lead sometimes too–hahaha, she’s awesome!!!!
I honestly just love her.
Mom, I’m loving my mission! I’m learning to more fully give of myself, and this past week, I’ve realized how blessed and lucky I am to be serving my Savior, and Jesus Christ!
I love you mom! I miss you mom!!
—-This is the only email she had time for this week, so I am including it:)DSC02092

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