I can’t do it on my own



April 4, 2017

Hello all!

Our investigator came to church again, and it was an awesome day!  She’s super busy with Senior year of high school right now, and has a big test coming up at the end of April.. So finding time to meet her is super hard! We really only see her when she comes to church on Sundays, but nonetheless! She is still progressing and enjoying her experience at church! We are starting to get a really good relationship, and we are so grateful to have been able to find her! Because of her testing, we don’t think she’ll be ready to be baptized on the original date, but we are still super excited, because she is still working towards it! She’s so cute! WE LOVE HER! I think the biggest thing I am learning with her, is how to “put myself in the investigator’s shoes”. We have really had to pray, ponder, fast and really ask what we can do to help her as missionaries, and I’ve found as we’ve put ourselves in her shoes, imagine what she’s going through, and think about what part of the gospel can bless her life, we’ve been able to receive lots of Heavenly help! She’s a big blessing to us :))

DSC02110 - 복사본

This last week, a recent convert we have really been working with a lot lately also was able to finally go to the temple for the first! It has been such an experience helping her prepare! We were so excited for her, we even called her at 3:00 in the morning to make sure she had gotten up and out the door in time! She was excited to answer the phone, and report she was up and getting ready! She was also able to go with another recent-not so recent convert who was going for the first time to receive her own endowments! I think it helped her see what blessings she could also receive following the year mark of her baptism! She talks about her own endowments, and I’m excited and hope she will be able to receive all the blessings of the temple soon!
This last week, I officially finished reading Jesus the Christ, all the way through! What a blessing that book has been to my testimony. I have loved reading more specifically about about what He did, and who He was. It has been perfect timing because of the Easter Initiative, I feel like my testimony of Jesus the Christ has been the strongest it has ever been. I am so grateful for His eternal love, sacrifice and constant care for me.  He has become the biggest strength to me in my life.
I’m grateful and humbled to be training this next transfer, I know I can’t do it on my own, but I’m grateful for the knowledge that I can do it with Him :))!
Sister Clegg

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