Take time to recognize His answers

March 27, 2017
Hi family!
I just wanna share the coolest experience that just happened this morning–
we have been struggling lately to find new people to teach, and recently some of our investigators have dropped. So, we have been praying to know what to do to find more people to teach! This morning especially, I prayed that Heavenly Father would put his prepared children on our traveling paths, and that I would have the courage to talk and open my mouth to them! So then we were riding the bus to the bus terminal, and this girl asked to change seats with the girl next to me! I was a little surprised, but super excited! We started talking and she started talking about how she works with the members of our church, and knows some of the people in our ward! She explained how a while ago, her pastor preached to her church that the mormon church is a cult, and she talked about some of the false doctrines the pastor had taught. Then she said she had always wanted to ask her the members she works with, but also never had the guts to! Then she saw me, and wanted to ask! We talked for and I explained the false doctrines she had heard, and shared with her Moroni 7;5, talking about how you will know them by their good works, and invited her to read the Book of Mormon and know for herself! She accepted the invitation and then suddenly asked me, “How do you know if you are saved?” and she said, “I’m a saved person, are you?” and we went back and forth about these super cool questions and then she asked to meet again! WHAT! SHE WAS SO PREPARED!!!! Heavenly Father directly answered my prayers. I’m so excited to meet her again! Seriously, such a miracle! He seriously answered my prayers so directly, I’m so grateful! We are calling her later tonight to set an appointment for later this week!
Heavenly Father answers are true, sincere prayers. Take time to pray, take time to ponder, take time to be thankful, and take time to recognize his answers! They’re always there.
I’m learning how to feel my mission, not do my mission! I always heard, “be the biggest convert on your mission” but it’s taking a new meaning to me this week.
I am understanding more what it means! I realized I need to stop caring about my expectations of a misson, and just start caring about what He wants from me, and then
I’ll get more than what I originally had wanted! Good experiences. Ya know– the mission life– lol!
we had zone conference yesterday featuring the church’s new initiative for Easter. I wanted to invite my family to join the initiative! Will you make sure to do all the activities the week before Easter? Starting on this Friday! Go online and find it! It’s called the #prince of peace!
Love u all!
Sister Clegg

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