The Enabling Power


March 20, 2016

A few weeks ago, I shared about two sisters that randomly showed up to our church on Sunday! They had moved to our area a few years ago, thinking there was no church in the city, they just didn’t attend for a few years! Then, they found the church, and came a few Sundays ago! They had said they would come to church last week, but one had a school camp and wasn’t able to come last minute! We were super bummed because we had prepared and were really excited to meet them! We had been planning on sharing the message of the lost sheep, Jesus Christ’s atonement (enabling and cleansing power) and then inviting her to follow Christ, and be baptized! But then she didn’t show up, and we were sooo bummed!
But this whole week, I have been praying and thinking about her while studying, trying to be better prepared for this Sunday! Focusing especially on the enabling power the atonement can have in my life. And what the heck! I seriously had soo many experiences this week that strengthened my testimony of the enabling power of the atonement!
Then this Sunday came, and they came to church, and we were like basically freaking out so excited. And then we met with them after sacrament meeting. and as we were talking and teaching, I realized how much my testimony had been strengthened this last week, and how much more powerful I could testify of the enabling power of the atonement more! It made me realize how Heavenly Father not only prepares the investigators for the missionaries, but the missionaries for the investigators! It was such a powerful lesson!! Then we invited her to be baptized, AND SHE ACCEPTED! She is planning on getting baptized on Easter :)) SUCH A BLESSING AND BASICALLY THE BIGGEST MIRACLE OF THE MISSION!
I’m so grateful for the opportunity to meet her. It’s been awesome to think, pray, and work with her.

It really has strengthened my testimony of how Heavenly Father’s work is in His time and His way. If we impose our own plan, our own desires, our own wants, then it can get in the way of what He has planned for us. If we just give Him our lives, turn ourselves to Him, we are able to receive His blessings and follow His plan, which in the end, brings us the most happiness and blessings!
Grateful that this experience of a mission is teaching me one of the most important truths of life.

Sister Clegg


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