I hate dogs and love new shoes!



February 27, 2017

We had a little heartbreak at the beginning of the week ūüė¶ Last week, I talked about a new investigator we were working with, that had tried to pray for the first time! We were sooo excited for her! But this last week, when we tried to set up another appointment, she texted us back a few days late, and said that she couldn’t meet anymore! She said that she had to move to Soeul, and couldn’t meet anymore. We were so sad! We saw so much potential in her. We still aren’t for sure if it’s because she actually has to move, or if she just didn’t want to meet anymore! It was pretty sudden, but either way, we are praying for her, and hopes she can meet the missionaries in Seoul!

In our ward, there is a less active from the Philippines. She is a really old grandmother, (about an hour away from us) with her daughter, who married a Korean. She wants so badly to be able to take the sacrament, but her daughter doesn’t want to drive her to church (she’s less active with absolutely no interest), and there are no members that can go and take the hour drive before church to pick her up, and she is too old to go by herself. She has so much faith, and such a strong testimony. We love visiting her and sharing the gospel with her! This last week, we decided to visit her on Friday. We felt like we should share a message with her about the Atonement and the blessings of repentance. While we started talking, she got really emotional. She expressed how badly she wanted to take the sacrament and be able to fulfill and renew her baptismal and temple covenants, but just wasn’t able to do it. She just kept saying over and over again, “I can’t do what I’ve promised to do” “I can’t do what He’s asking me to do.” It was a special moment for us to be able to testify of how Heavenly Father knows her intents, her true desires, and sees her faith. And how proud He is of her, and her desire to keep her covenants. We shared about how through the Atonement, everything she can’t do, He can do for her. She just cried the whole meeting, and expressed how grateful she was to be able to hear the gospel from missionaries to always remind her of her covenants.

We left the appointment so sad! Wanting so badly to help her, but not knowing exactly how to help her come to church. We have been really praying for her a lot these past few transfers. And then this week, we got an answer!!

We went with members to a member’s new restaurant opening this last week, and while there, we met a member moving in the ward from Gwanju! She is moving in 3 weeks, and a returned missionary! It was such an answer to our prayers for our sweet grandma! Because this new member lives close to her, we can talk to her about picking her up before church and bringing her to sacrament meeting! It really showed us how Heavenly Father knows all His children, and He never forgets any of them!

He knows our intents, desires, our biggest dreams, and our biggest fears. He can make anything possible in our lives, if we have faith in His son, Jesus Christ and His redeeming, enabling power of the atonement. I learned gained a strong testimony of that this past week while visiting Romula :))

Funny story:
There’s a dog that hides behind this tall fence by our church building. If you walk up to the fence, he jumps like five feet in the air so you can see him over the fence. We call him the “jumping dog!” Sometimes on the way home, we stop and say hi to it (my companion loves dogs). ¬†One night, it was dark out, and we walked up to the fence. We tapped the fence, and then the dog didn’t show up. We were a little confused, so we stepped closer, starting to call to it. Out of nowhere, it jumped up like 10 feet and it scared the crap out of me. I screamed so loud and fell back into the street hahah.
I hate dogs, but I love Korea, so it’s all good.

Have a good week!

Sister Clegg

PS: ¬†I¬†had a mental breakdown on my hump day because I felt like I just left and I don’t feel like I’ve learned enough yet and it’s going by way too fast and all this stuff, so then I had this huge mental breakdown with another missionary I knew from BYU and cried for like an hour on the phone. It was so nice to be able to talk to a friend from home, she gave me some of the best counsel. Honestly, one of the bigger learning moments of the week.

Oh, I¬†seriously, was sooo grateful for the package you sent! I LOVE THE SHOES~ so I’ll share a funny story. Just last week, I was thinking about how I hated my shoes (I mean, like I love my shoes but also I wear the same boots every day) (ps did I tell you I had to buy boots for the snow) Anyways, then I was like “I wish I would have brought those black ones from Clarks because they would be so cute in Korea )(ps totally Korean style) and then THAT NEXT WEEK I GOT THEM IN THE PACKAGE??? LIKE I DON’T KNOW IF HEAVENLY FATHER DOES INSPIRATION THROUGH GIFTS LIKE THAT BUT WHAT??? ¬†Seriously mom, so weird. I WAS SO GRATEFUL! I love them! I’ve worn them every day since.

Side note: ¬†For her hump week, I thought I would send a new pair of shoes. ¬†We had bought those shoes last May and then I returned them because she decided not to keep them. ¬†Anyway–I went back to the store and asked if there was anyway to track my purchases–because she is in between sizes and sometimes, wears one size and sometimes another. ¬†So, I wasn’t sure what size to get. ¬†Luckily, the clerk took it as a challenge and we had to go through an old large binder of receipts to find the return. ¬†But after about 25 minutes, I was about to give up and we found the receipt! ¬†AND they just happen to only have two sizes left in stock–AND THAT WAS ONE OF THEM! ¬†

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