To pray for the first time…


February 20, 2017

I’ll start with my favorite part of the week. This last week we met a new investigator, which we are soo excited about! She’s so cute! She has never grown up going to church, and knows nothing about Jesus Christ, His Atonement or Heavenly Father. She has absolutely no religious background at all, but has welcomed and talked about how excited she is to continue to learn about the gospel! The first time we met her, we talked about who Heavenly Father was and talked about how we can communicate with Him through prayer. She said she was a little nervous to pray, because it felt awkward to her. But she accepted the invitation to try, and said she would try her best. Then when we followed up with her, she said that she didn’t exactly pray the way we had invited her, but for the first time in her life, she had taken time to really think about if there is a God. Then we taught about the Savior, Jesus Christ. His atonement and the how we can repent through Him. We bore testimony about how much we, as imperfect humans, need Him. It was a super awesome lesson! She accepted our invitation to try and pray fully again, and even accepted our invitation to ask for forgiveness!!

Then yesterday, we met her again, and she said SHE TRIED TO PRAY! :)) She said she felt awkward, but also tried to pray by herself! We were SO HAPPY!! THATS WHAT TRUE HAPPINESS IS! I was soo excited! We bore testimony and invited her to continue to pray, and as she would continue to pray, she would be able to develop a relationship with Heavenly Father and come to know He is there for her, and loves her! Teaching someone about who Heavenly Father is, bearing testimony of His love, helping people understand who our Savior Jesus Christ is, is such a blessing!

I thought about her this week, and especially on how to help her learn to pray. I’ve always grown up in the church, and I don’t even remember the first time I prayed. Honestly, if I knew nothing about who God is, praying would be super awkward and weird to me too. I’ve always grown up just believing easily that God exists and loves me. So this week, I decided to pretend like I had never prayed before, and do the commitment that we invited her to do. Simply pray if He is there and loves me. Honestly, it was a really special experience for me. I know He’s there for me, and I know He loves me. I could feel it in my heart. It just felt right. I hope we can continue to work with her, and help her learn to pray to receive answers for herself too. I love working with investigators, we learn so much more from them!

dsc02419 I love my companion; we’ve gotten super close. I’m super excited to keep serving with her. She’s so honest with me, and tells me upfront what my weaknesses are. and is patient with me as I try to work through them. ahhah! It’s a joke in the mission that your 6th companion is most like your husband. Honestly,  it’s kind of true with her! I want someone like her to help me the way she does! She’s awesome. she’s been in this area for 7 months though!! Super long time! We were a littles surprised that she was staying, but I’m glad!  hahaha

Fun Korean facts I learned this week:
Koreans think it’s not attractive to have muscles
Koreans think it’s weird that Americans drink water from sinks

Fun story of the week:
Someone texted us in the middle of the night, and I thought it was our alarm. So I prayed, got up, got dressed, put my shoes on, and started brushing my teeth to go running outside. I looked at my companion and she still hadn’t gotten up, I was a little confused, so I walked over to wake her up, only to realize it was only 12:00 am… ugh.

I love Korea! More next week–bye

Sister Clegg

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