Worms As Candy


February 13, 2017

This week was an awesome week! Elder Yamashita from the 70 was able to visit our mission! I LOVE THESE MEETINGS! YOU LEARN SO MUCH! Probably the top thing I learned was actually from my mission president’s wife, Sister Madsen though haha !

She shared an experience she had with cutting fabric. She said that she was cutting fabric, and focused on the middle of the scissors, but every time she cut the line, it was super crooked and ugly. Then she realized that if she focused on the end, the point of the scissors, she could cut a perfect line. She related  it to missionary work by saying sometimes we focus so much on the little things, that we lose focus of the most important part of our work–Our Savior,  Jesus Christ. If we focus on Him and His message of happiness, then we are able to “cut a perfect line” and find success and happiness in our work. It really struck me, I think I get so caught up in all the little things of missionary work, which are important, but also tend to distract me from the most important part of our message. As we focus on the Savior in the work, everything else will turn out. It can apply to everyone too, not just missionaries btw!


This week, we met 2 new investigators too WAHOOO!

We were able to meet this super cute high school student who has English interest! We actually had first intitial contact with her at the beginning of the transfer, but all our meetings kept getting pushed back. We were super excited to finally meet her on Sunday! Such a blessing! But even though we weren’t able to meet for a long time, we always pray for her. That she would be able to be prepared for our message, and be able to have an open heart, and have experiences in her life that would prepare her to meet us. So, we were sooo excited to finally meet her. After we got talking about the gospel, she asked us, “I want to know what makes your church so different?” WHAT?! we were so excited! She said that she had researched our church online, and was curious about what the difference between our church was and other churches in Korea! She was so prepared for the message of the Restoration! And asked to meet every day this week. It really strengthened my testimony that Heavenly Father is preparing so many people in Korea. If we diligent pray to find prepared people, work our best, and then trust in His plan, we will be lead to them!


Overall, good week.  I love korea.
Also fun Korean facts:
Koreans eat cough drops as candy
Koreans don’t have garage disposals
Koreans eat worms as candy
Koreans wear slippers in the house, and if you don’t wear slippers, they think it’s weird

Another fun fact:
I ate oysters this week. Such a miracle–seriously.  I didn’t know I had it in me, Heavenly Father really does strengthen his missionaries!   lol

Sister Clegg


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