Discovering my greatest passion


February 6, 2017

So, last week we had a world wide broadcast with all the missionaries and the Quorum of the 12 Apostles.  They completely changed the missionary world! haha!  They took out key indicators and changed the whole schedule of the missionary day around! So now, things are way different! Our president totally switched things up.  So it’s been fun this last week! But because of the changes, he changed p-day to Tuesdays now.  So I think that means Monday night your time now. So just a heads up, it’ll be coming on this time every week now instead!  So with the new schedule, we now have an hour to exercise in the morning! So I make my companion go out and go running every morning. 🙂

WHOAHH! super cool about the Meridian Temple  open house!  We visited a family this week that went to BYU and we talked a lot about temples and he showed us pictures of the Meridian Temple now.  I can’t believe, it’s so pretty! That family is probably my closest family in this area. They’re a young couple and have two kids. But they went to BYU and served in California so they speak good English and always invite us over and talk about BYU.

My companion’s sister gets married next week. We’ve shed some tears together about missing our sisters’ wedding. I’m grateful I’ve the had the experience of sacrifice, to know how to help my companion. She’s struggling right now in missing her sister’s wedding. I’m grateful Heavenly Father has put with her to help her 🙂  I certainly understand what she is feeling!


This past week, I spent a lot of time studying about Virtue and my purpose as a missionary. As I was studying, I was thinking about how virtue includes all the Christlike attributes in one. Virtue comes down to the core of everything. It includes how we really, deeply think and feel. Learning how to cleanse those inner desires, and re-direct distractive thoughts is all included in virtue. I thought a lot about that this week as I studied my purpose as a missionary. I say my purpose as a missionary every morning, but is it really engraved in my heart? Is it the number one passion in my life right now? I really took time to evaluate those things as I studied. This last week especially, my testimony has really grown and my purpose has really become more engraved in my heart. I love being a missionary, it’s the best oppurtunity anyone could offer me.

Love you,

Sister Clegg

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