My ears are warm! So is the Spirit!


Check out my new earmuffs!

January 29, 2017

This week was an awesome week in Korea! It was the Lunar New Years here, which is the biggest holiday in Korea, so it was full of great member visits, yummy food, and good Korean traditional stuff!
We have been working with a catholic investigator a lot in the past two weeks. She’s so cute. She always invites us to her mass… some good experiences! BUT we were able to have a really good lesson about the Book of Mormon this week. She asked how we were able to gain a testimony of this church, and I was able to share an experience I had when I was younger.
I always grew up in the church, but I didn’t always have the strongest testimony! When we were living in Asia my freshman year, we had 45 minutes of driving every day to and from the orphange we were working at in Thailand. During that time, I decided to read the Book of Mormon every day. I had never done that by myself before. After a few weeks of reading on my own, I noticed a change in my life. I had a purpose, my life was fuller, and I felt closer to my Heavenly Father more than I had ever felt before. When I finished the Book of Mormon, I went to pray about it. But before I could even ask, I already knew my answer. Because I had already recognized the changes it had made in my life by reading it. I knew the Book of Mormon was true!
And I know it’s true now too. I love reading the Book of Mormon, and I couldn’t live without the strength it brings into my life every day. As I shared that experience with her, the spirit was super strong! We invited her to read the Book of Mormon, and she accepted! We pray she keeps her commitment, because we know that by reading the Book of Mormon, any honest seeker will gain a testimony of it’s truthfulness!
I love teaching the gospel, every lesson we teach, the spirit is so strong, and it testifies to me that this gospel is true again and again and AGAIN! It’s the best experience. I love Korea!

Sister Clegg

DSC02078 - 복사본.JPG

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