A new area, a new adventure!

dsc00523January 15, 2017

Okay so I’m in a new area now.  It’ the biggest area I’ve ever served in–haha honestly it’s a ward?????  It has like 45 members??? I love it! It’s awesome. The members are the best. They really are so sweet. We’ve been meeting with lots this first week. My companion is awesome.  She speaks no English ugh–my brain hurts so much. After church yesterday, I had a mini meltdown. I miss English, but it’s good. It’s really pushing me, so I know I’ll learn a lot. I’ve really been able to see how much Heavenly Father has blessed me in the language this past week. I am starting to feel comfortable in it. Though I’m not good at expressing myself completely and telling my feelings, I can get my ideas across, and I’m learning quickly with my Korean companion. She’s so cute, so she’s on fire! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! It’s the best. She’s so hard working, loving, and encouraging and patient with my Korean. She really looks out for me and loves me and honestly she’s awesome. She’s been in this area for 6 months??? so I’m sad she might transfer next transfer!!!

So this last week, I was super bummed to leave my last area because we had an investigator who was prepared for baptism.. and then I got transferred UGH but then I was like–it’s okay Heavenly Father knows my prayers, and then I come here!!! And there’s no investigators, hahhahaha–Heavenly Father answers our prayers in some strange ways, I tell yaaaa. But it’s all good. We’ve been working hard with members and hopefully this really sweet member will help refer her friends to us this week during a lunch appointment. We did some role play with her last night. So I’m excited about that! My brain hurts like 80% of the time because I’m trying to hard to speak Korean.. but like I said earlier, my companion is so patient and willing to help and understanding, it’ll helps lots.

This week I had a mini panic attack, realizing that I’m hitting my halfway mark this transfer. I bawled my eyes out on the bus ride to my new area haha!

I’m excited to be serving here though. I don’t have any big stories or miracles or what not to write home about this week because I’m still getting to know the area. Wait till next week, I’ll write something good. I’ve been focusing on working with members and finding joy in the every day parts of missionary work and also diligence. I want to be a diligent missionary. That’s my biggest goal!

Okay, love you!   It’s a beautiful day in Korea.  I miss you.
Thanks for everything!

Sister Clegg

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