Did she really dye her hair?

dsc01628January 8, 2017

What the heck–this week was so awesome and then this morning stunk so bad UGH I’m transferring to this new area on Wednesday and I am a bit bummed about it. But oh well hahah

Yesterday WAS THE BEST DAY ON THE MISSION SO FAR!!!!! So we met with our  investigator. She’s been coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon the last two weeks, and then yesterday we decided to review the restoration with her by watching the video. After the video, the spirit was super strong, and then we asked her, “Do you believe Joseph Smith is a prophet of God” and she was like “yes” and then we said “if you know Joseph Smith is God’s prophet, then you can know this is god’s restored church ” and then we said “when you know this is true, will you be baptized by someone holding God’s restored priesthood” and then she said … ([ wait for it)

“yes” !!!!!! and then we said “We are holding a baptismal date on February 11, if you are prepared by then, will you be baptized” and she said “YES!” SHES GETTING BAPTIZED!  I’M SO EXCITED FOR HER!!! It’s been so fun and so rewarding to watch her progress all the way from the beginning, she loves reading the Book of Mormon now, and loves church! I’m so excidted for her!!!

And then I get transferred–what the heck? haha  It always seems to work like that. Oh well, I’ll be over the hurt stage hopefully by tomorrow. I don’t know much about my new area. Also my companion is Korean and is just finishing training. haha She knows no English. hahahahah but I’m actually excited cause my Korean will get super good. I’m excited!!  I’m sad I’m leaving. Honestly… we started with nothing in this area and we worked our butts off and we saw so many miracles. I’ve really come to love this area so much–hahah it’s heaven on earth. But I’m excited to love my new area too!!  Hey good news, my Korean is actually getting better mom!!!

Hey you should pray for my investigator. I’m so excited for her!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOO!!!!! SHE’S GETTING BAPTIZED!!! WAYYHOOOWHOAIHFIOSLDHFLASIDFJAS so pumped.
Anyways, I love you guys!!!!!! I miss you lots!!! Thanks for the prayers, support and love. I miss you all so much and think and pray for you all everyday :))

Sister Clegg

PS:  No–it was just a wig–but she gave us a scare!  I love her blonde hair!



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