Jocelynn got married this week


January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Yeah, not gunna lie–it was a little bit of a rougher week. I spent so long just trying not thinking about the wedding and not letting myself think about it and then the whole day of the 29th here (the day of her wedding there) I just kept praying that I wouldn’t be sad and we would be filled with things to do to distract me, haha but then it was the end of the night and we were walking home and I finally let myself register the time difference and then I knew the whole wedding was done and then I just bawled walking home behind my companion hahahahah but honestly it’s all good. It was some good, happy tears.

I’m so glad it all worked out. Jocelynn is seriously so beautiful. hahah I loved that Garrett danced with the groomsmen and then that dad danced with her. It seemed like a total party.


(We blew up a live size picture of Emily and took her to the wedding!  She was on the temple steps waiting with everyone out there, she was in all the family pix, at the luncheon and reception!  The kids even put on Jocelynn’s veil on her:) )

I think something I’ve always really struggled with as a missionary is measuring my success.  Because I don’t always see real evidence of my success, like baptisms or progressing investigators and so on.. so I get down on myself not knowing if I’m successful in Heavenly Father’s eyes. But I think what I’ve really learned in this area is diligence. I was studying it yesterday and I realized that you can know you are a successful missionary when you find joy and satisfaction in your work. I have really come to love my area and find so much joy in being here with our investigators now, and because of that, even when we have nothing to do and no people to meet, I can know I’ve still been diligent and successful to my Heavenly Father. So I’m grateful because I feel like this area has really taught me that.

I wanted to share an experience, and testify of the importance of the fast!  My companion and I were struggling for a few weeks in our area, we decided to have a special fast together. We specifically fasted to have an added measure of the spirit with us, so we could discern the needs of the people we are working with, and help them grow closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

A few days after, the work actually got slower… We were left with nothing to do besides street contact for a few days! Which is totally okay, haha we love doing that. But we were a little discouraged still.. we had been trying to contact our investigator for a few days, but she hadn’t been responding… so had committed to coming to church the week before, but never showed. So this Saturday we texted her, reminding her of church! still no response.. we were pretty sure she wasn’t going to come. But before church, we said a prayer and had faith in our fast.

THEN SHE SHOWED UP! She not only came to church, but she stayed afterwards and we were able to have an amazing lesson together. She is so prepared! She said if she knows this church is true, she would join, and wants to come again next week!
It testified to me of how powerful the fast can be, even though we didn’t see immediate blessings, we did see so many big miracles and blessings! if we sincerely ask, work, and trust our Heavenly Father, then we will be rewarded.

I love Korea!
Sister Clegg

Well I’m glad things went so well this week… I’m assuming they are off in their honeymoon stage now hahahah how cute. I’m glad. I’m excited for them. I’ll send some pics home!  Love you!

Sister Clegg

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