The promise of eternal life is awesome!


December 18, 2017

This last week was an awesome one in Korea. Honestly, Korea is heaven on earth. I seriously love my area. We saw so many awesome miracles these last few weeks!!!
I’ll share my favorite memory of the week. All last week, we met with an older lady while street contacting in our area. She invited us back over to her house to learn more, which in and of itself–is like the biggest miracle of the mission. The first time we met, she opened up about how her husband passed away a few years ago. She expressed how sad and lonely she has been since.

Yesterday we were able to meet again and talk to her about the Plan of Salvation. When we got to the part in the lesson about the resurrection, and how we can live with our families for eternity, she started to cry. She looked at us and said, “Do you really believe I’ll see him again?” There’s nothing better than to be able to look a broken woman in the eyes, testify of the truthfulness of the simple gospel truths, and promise her an eternity with her husband again. She kept saying, “Can you really promise?” It was, by the far, the best part of the week. I love her so much!! It has been such a miracle to meet her. I’ll have to keep you all updated on this sister:))

This week is Christmas! WUTTT… honestly crazy how fast time is flying by! I hope we can all take time to really–take time and marvel at the beautiful plan of happiness Heavenly Father has given us, and appreciate His son, Jesus Christ. The one person who makes it all possible. Is His message of hope, love and happiness still wonderful to you? I was impressed by how wonderful it was to this sister I taught this week– How much she truly marveled at it. I hope we can all take time to marvel at His grace, love, and mercy this Christmas week.
Merry Christmas!
Sister Clegg

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