Underestimated the weather!


November 13, 2016

Okay–so can I tell you that Korea is freaking freezing cold! hahaha,  Mother we underestimated this weather by like 1000 degrees. It’s seriously as cold as the middle of winter in Utah and it’s only November. haha It’s like knives going into me when it’s windy hahah–it’s sooo cold. But it’s all good. My companion and I just laugh and try to walk fast. hahahah. Just an update on the weather.

Life in Korea is good.  It’s like the biggest miracle when we find someone that is willing to learn more. We have one investigator right now that is progressing and interested in the gospel. The rest are just very  rejecting and say they are too busy for God. President Bednar came a few weeks ago and spoke to the people here. He gave a super, super powerful message. He said “I’m warning Korea right now” hahah like it was very straight forward. He just told them that they need to put the Lord first, or that the Lord would withhold blessings. Honestly, I love Korea and it scares me because a lot of people are just super hardened. I’m scared that if they don’t repent and start listening, something big is going to happen here. There’s been lots of little earthquakes the past few months here.  I don’t know. Just something my companion and I talked about this morning. Makes missionary work a little harder, but it’s good–some deep thoughts from me and my companion.

Our branch is doing awesome, we had a visitor come from Highland, Utah this week! She was like “is this the whole branch?” and we just laughed and said, “yes welcome to our branch!” hahah.
overall, good week :))

Love you miss you!
Sister Clegg

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