Silent Night…Have to stop to explain


Cabbage for kimchi

December 12, 2016

This week was a great week, honestly one of my favorite on the mission. Although Christmas is defs not a big thing in Korea—haha–sometimes I forget that it is Christmas. I think in the bigger cities, they have decorations, but our city is kind of small so there isn’t that much stuff!! They play some Christmas carols at the America restaurants. It’s kind of funny. Last night we went caroling to our members and then we bought 12 days of Christmas stuff for them. We are starting that for them this week. It was funny–we went caroling to our branch president and their kids–were like, “haha, what is this?” We had to stop after one verse of Silent Night and explain it is an American thing and we wanted to do it to them too, hahaha, it was classic. Gotta to love Korea.


This week was good. Honestly, we saw some awesome miracles. I think one of my favorites was this last week, we spent hours searching for old less actives in our records that live in the outskirts of our area. On Tuesday, we spent hours and hours searching for houses, all to be rejected, moved, not interested anymore, or not home. But then we were walking down the street and I saw this girl, and I was like, “okay time to talk to her” and then we talked to her, and after FIVE HOURS WALKING AROUND ALL OF OUR AREA, we met this girl and she was interested in meeting us again!!! Which is super rare and such a miracle! Another example about how the Lord blesses us when we are patient through our trials. Another miracle was when we were trying to find this less active and all the record had was an old house address and a note that said “they work at a pharmacy in our area” haha. There is literally a pharmacy every block in our area. haha There’s thousands here. So we were like “nice haha,” but we went out and tried to find the house, were unable to locate it, and then we decided to look for the pharmacy. We asked around and after a while decided it was a waste of time because there’s so many pharmacies. BUT then we said, “okay Heavenly Father we will ask one more pharmacy if they know this girl” AND IT WAS THE LAST PHARMACY!! Can you, believe it? haha.. Honestly, we asked if they knew her, and the woman was like “that’s my daughter!” My companion and I looked at each other and were like, “are you serious?” hahahah. We walked around laughing and freaking out about such a cool miracle it was. We were able to locate the pharmacy, introduce ourselves, and find the whereabouts of the less active again. Super awesome!

So, overall a good week. Love you! I’m super grateful for you. I didn’t realize how much I took you and dad for granted and how unappreciative I was until coming on a mission. Especially during the holiday season. haha I never thought I would say this, but I actually miss setting up Christmas decorations. hahahah. The mission really changes you.  I love you guys! Merry Christmas!

Sister Clegg

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