Love to serve!


December 4, 2016

This week in Korea, we kicked off the Christmas Initiative by doing a big service project together as a zone! Wait.. is Utah even doing the Christmas initiative thing? (lol if you aren’t, do it)
Anyways, a lot of older people in Korea still heat their homes with coal. So we gathered together coal heating things and stacked them in people’s homes to help heat their homes for the winter! It was an awesome way to start December and think more about how we can serve and help those around more!
Yesterday was awesome at church! One of our recent converts brought her friend to church! WAHOOO she loved church and wants to meet us after her tests finish next week! SUCH A PREPARED PERSON. I’m so excited to start meeting with her! A big testimony builder to me about how Heavenly Father tests our patience to build our faith. I was reading in Alma this week about the sons of Mosiah and their mission to preach the gospel to the Lamanites. We can learn a lot about their faith and endurance by reading their experiences. It took years before they saw any success in their work, but after enduring those hardship, they saw thousands of people brought into the gospel.
Success as a missionary (or a regular person too lol) is measured in the consistent effort you put into the work on a daily basis. It isn’t about big jumps of success and improvement in just a short amount of time, it’s the daily effort we put in every day to be better that brings miracles and everlasting happiness in our lives.
I love Korea!

Love, Sister Clegg:)


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