Happy Birthday to me!


November 6,2016

Hey–I don’t have much time today because I think all of America emailed me for my birthday 🙂  (lol thanks mother:)

This birthday was defs a hard b-day for sure! haha.. but it was still good. We had no appointments, and we had already visited the active members in our branch earlier that week (lol the two active houses), so we spent the entire day street contacting. It was a good, hard working, mission experience :))))) haha I was so tired coming home, I went to bed early. Those are the good, but also really hard mission days. I did treat myself to some Alfredo pasta at an America restaurant for dinner though. So that was good. I LOVED GETTING THE PACKAGE! thank you mom! seriously, it was the best. I’m so grateful. I laughed so hard at all the Alaska stuff. I wore the pajamas last night and used the pillow case. I’ll send some pictures.

Honestly, this week was a bit of a struggle. Our town is soooo tiny, but also our area includes all these little even smaller farm towns too, so our area is huge and we have no idea how to find any of the towns, so it’s kind of like a guessing game when we go out to find less actives in the way farm countryside thing. And then it’s hard, because if we can’t get a hold of them, and we just try and find their house, and then spend all that time (literally hours) searching for their house, and they’re not home.. but it’s the only way we can try and contact the less active members. So we just have to do it anyways. haha it’s good though and a little hard. We spend at least a couple hours a day street-contacting and talking to everyone on the streets and trying to walk around and find less actives in apartments. hahaha This week we were talking to someone on the street and then she crossed her arms in an X and then in Korean said, “you will only talk to me until here, go” hahahah it was classic. We just smiled and said, “so sorry–have a great day!!!
You just gotta smile and love those kinds of people :)) The active family in our branch is always helpful and willing to drive us to the houses and visit them together, but they are tight on money and working 3 jobs, so we can only do that on Sunday. But it’s a good experience to visit them on Sunday with the family. They’re so solid. I love them haha–they are seriously the best. Every time we are with them, it’s like they’re our examples on how to do missionary work.

Love you all! Thanks for the birthday wishes! Sorry if I can’t get back to everyone!

Love, Sister Clegg


Note from mom:  I don’t even get what this picture is–

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