Give the Greatest Gift


October 30, 2016

Well this week was awesome! I’ll just go through some miracles real fast.
1. We have been praying to be able to find really prepared people, ready for the gospel. So one day we were walking to the bus terminal and then we sat down and talked to this guy on the bench outside. We were bearing our testimonies of the Book of Mormon and offering him a copy.  As we were talking, we noticed another man was listening in to our conversation from a few feet away.  After a few minutes, he asked “are you the mormon missionaries?” (in Korean though lol) and we were like “Haha well, yes we are!” Turns out, that he had seen mormon missionaries 40 years ago, and was interested in the religion ever since. He had met with missionaries in the summer and had even attended church. Unfortunately,  he didn’t “like the way we had gospel principles class” so he stopped investigating. I asked if he had read very much of the Book of Mormon.  He said he had only read a little bit.  Then I was able to bear my testimony about how if we read the Book of Mormon, with a sincere heart pray to know it is true, then through the Holy Ghost we can receive an answer. When we receive our answer, we cannot only know the Book of Mormon is true, but that Joseph Smith was God’s prophet, and that this is Christ’s restored church! Even when we have questions and concerns about other parts of the church, if we know the Book of Mormon is true, then we can still know that this is Christ’s restored church! We invited him to read from the book again and pray to receive an answer. Then he gave us his number and he will hopefully meet with the elders this week! Such an answer to our prayers! Instead of us finding him, he found us!

2. We had no appointments one day, so we decided we were going to go and try to do random visits in another city in our area and try to contact old investigators there. We left the bus station with addresses and a map and nothing else hahah.. (ps yeah we did get lost like 100 times that day) but it was getting late, and we hadn’t been able to meet with a lot of people that we had hoped to, and spent a lot of the day just prostlyting, and so we were deciding if we should go back to our town or visit one more house. We decided we would just try one more house of a less active member. So we tracked down the house, and knocked on the door. Not really expecting them to be home or even allow us in. BUT they answered AND let us in! (ps that’s a big miracle already) we got talking and were able to find out that their kids went to BYU to study! So we had some good connections. As we were getting ready to leave, my companion asked if we could do a testimony meeting together. As I started bearing my testimony, I felt like I should bear my testimony about when we partake the sacrament, we are able to feel clean again every week. I was a little hesitant because they had just previously told us that they didn’t come to church anymore because they didn’t have any faith in Jesus Christ and thought it was pointless. So a little awkward, but I went ahead and said it anyways…no big miraculous miracle happened afterwards, they still didn’t come to church. But the spirit was so strong there, and no doubt in my mind that they felt it too.  Even if we don’t see huge miracles come from those kinds of appointments, they still are important. Leaving the house, it was just another great experience of feeling the spirit work through you. That’s what missionary work is all about! haha I love those kinds of visits. They are just the freaking best.

Well sounds like the home life is going good. I did get the package!! haha I am saving it for Saturday. Thanks for sending it! I am so excited!!! I love and miss you guys!!

This week was another great week of just walking around and talking to everyone on the street! hahhahah  I just laugh so hard all day with my new companion. She has taught me to just love life. I am sooo happy with her. She’s the best. Well I’ll send some pictures
love you guys!!!

I’m almost out of time. But as a mission, we are making a goal to give one Book of Mormon a day, and to bear our testimony of the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ every day before Christmas–as our Christmas gift to the Savior. I thought of my family, and how they could join in this Christmas gift. Though it may be hard to give a Book of Mormon every day, I wanted to invite you guys to join our Christmas gift too!  Will you guys, as a family give out a Book of Mormon before Christmas? Bear your testimony of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon as often as you can to each other!  In family home evening, in scripture family study every day, and so on… find the opportunities to testify of Him and His atoning sacrifice, and take action to spread his gospel by giving a Book of Mormon out! I know when you guys all do it together, 1. you can think of me, and know I’m doing the same thing as you guys :))) and 2. you will be able to feel the spirit testify through you, and you’ll be able to strengthen your own testimony as you share it. 3. you’ll be giving Him the perfect gift for Christmas :))

let me know what you guys think!
love you all!!!!

Sister Clegg

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