I walk and walk. . .


October 23, 2016

This week was a big week here in Korea. As I said last week, I got transferred to a new area. This area didn’t have missionaries before we came and so both my companion and I are still a little clueless on where to start. (it was a miracle we even were able to find our house lol) Seriously, this area is like the Preston, Idaho of Korea. (Mom is laughing so hard right now!)  It’s so small, it doesn’t even have bus routes. We walk on the streets, and they are empty. hahah  We can walk around the entire city in less than an hour–I love it. I’m so excited to be here. I know there’s some huge miracles waiting for us here.
On the first day we got here, we were able to go and meet our branch president. This family has become my family in just the three days I have been here. They welcomed us with opened arms, invited us into their humble home, fed us a feast, loved us, comforted us, told us about the area, and drove us home with bags of food and tub of kimchi.

The dad, aka the branch president has been branch president in 홍성 for 14 years, because he has been the only active male member to live here. We went to our branch on Sunday (a small rented out room on the 4th floor of this bank building). I was in shock and amazed at the strength of the members in this area. Out of the 10 active members in our branch, 5 of them are the branch president’s family. They fulfill every calling in the branch. The church and running this branch is their life. Since most of the other 5 active members are youth, before church, the branch president drives to their farm houses outside of the city to pick them up every week before church. He prepares and blesses the sacrament every week (with the one other priesthood holder) and speaks every Sunday in sacrament, and teaches every Sunday in Sunday school.  Like I said before, I have so much respect and love for their family.


This is where we meet for church:)

This area needs missionaries and I’m humbled to be called here. I’m so excited to work with this family, call down some big miracles, and help try and change this area. Seriously, it’s going to be an awesome few transfers.

Just one quick miracle before I finish. So, we have absolutely no investigators or potential investigators right now. So yesterday after we walked home from church, we prayed and pleaded and( may have even shed some tears together lol) to find people to teach and serve here. We told our Heavenly Father that we had no appointments this week, we didn’t know where to start, and asked to help know where to start and to help fill our days with meaningful activities that would help strengthen this area. I kid you not, one hour later, we randomly got a call from somebody interested in meeting us, and we had an appointment set for the next day. May seem small, but honestly, such a big miracle.
This is 1000% his work. Seriously so humbled and grateful to be here as a missionary. Have a good weeeek!

Bye, Sister Clegg


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