Prayer is a gift

September 25, 2016

so this past week we had an awesome experience with one of our potential investigators. We met her off an English advertisement, and have been meeting with her the past two weeks. She comes from a buddist background, and so the belief of “God” is something we have been helping her understand. She had never prayed before in her life, and this last week, we were able to teach her how to pray. She started her pray, and after a few seconds of silence, she started to cry. She expressed her thanks for meeting us and asked for help in her prayer. She ended in the name of Jesus Christ, and looked up at us with tears coming down her face. It was such a powerful moment for me. It made me realize how grateful I am for prayer. My whole life I had grown up praying, and talking with my Heavenly Father. How much comfort, love and peace I have been able to recieve through prayer. For her, it was the first time she had ever been able to feel that. Walking home, my heart was just so full of gratitude for the opportunity I have to help people come unto Christ, and feel our Heavenly Father’s love for them. It truly is the greatest, most important work in our lives. There is no greater happiness that comes than when we are able to bring people closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ. Serving in Korea has taught me to appreciate and strengthen my testimony in the more simple parts of our gospel. I know God lives, I know He loves us, I know He sent His son to atone for our sins, and make it possible to return to live with Him again. I know that through prayer, we can receive answers to the questions of souls and find peace in this life.

Find ways to reach out of your comfort zone and find opportunities to share the gospel; you won’t ever regret opening your mouth :)))
Sister Clegg

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